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Not much to say about myself -- I'm an Irish guy whose interests include MLP, video games, and occasionally writing fanfics.


Applejack gets a new super fertiliser to help her crops grow bigger and better than ever. Unfortunately, it works a little too well, as she, Fluttershy, and Tree Hugger soon find out...

Contains: Fat ponies, gluttony, messy eating, weight gain.

Done as part of a trade with WordyNotes on dA.

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The aftermath should be interesting... *devilish laugh...*

7392479 Oh, it should. It most certainly should. :pinkiecrazy:

great story but I feel that they bloated up too quickly in my opinion. I would still love a sequel.

7392835 Duly noted. Thanks for the feedback.

Pretty amusing. I like the bit where Applejack and Fluttershy just break down and say "Apple apple apple apple," over and over.

One nitpick though: You use "rate of knots" twice, first to talk about the speed of the trees growing, then to talk about how fast they eat those pies. Knots, as a unit of measurement, literally mean nautical miles per hour. So it doesn't make sense to describe eating speed that way.

7395867 Isn't "rate of knots" also a figure of speech for great speed? I'm pretty sure it is, though I could be wrong.

Are you going to update the character tags, since there's a Tree Hugger tag now?

Ay ay ay... Una problema muy mal.
Spanish! Yay!

Thanks! Aunque solo hablo un poco de español.

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