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I'm a Canadian writer. They/them pronouns. Asexual as all hell. I also have a Patreon now, if you're interested.


Starlight seizes an opportunity to allow herself some revenge on Rarity, and thus Princess Twilight Sparkle herself.

Contains weight gain.

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Comments ( 9 )

This was well-written and a lot of fun.

Well, not fun for Rarity, but great for us.

What’s the weight gain server your in called?

Great Story I hope you will do more of Stralight getting her revenge on the others


there are still the rest of the mane 6, so I can see the area for another kinds of WG like butt-focused one :)

I like the way you think.

I'm confused. What exactly is Starlight getting revenge on Twilight and Rarity for? Also, it seems Starlight has a weight gain fetish.

"pre-reform Starlight"

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