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I've been writing for the past 15 years, ever since I was ten. I hope you'll be kind enough to read my work and leave a comment or two.


Twilight Sparkle has been tasked with completing a task from Princess Celestia as part of her princess training, but she finds the task a little . . . odd. Contains weight gain.

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Perfection. I imagine Twilight as a large round ball with a head. :rainbowlaugh:

4836510 :rainbowlaugh: Yep, and that's exactly how I like her.

Haven't even read this yet but the first thing that comes to my mind is that Eric Cartman psyche-out from that movie BaseKetBall.


4836787 :rainbowlaugh: ROFLMAO! Now that was funny! Guy sounded just like him!

Good fic. Not sure what's up with all the dislikes

4836931 My guess is that some people just aren't into weight gain.

The bodily waste issue was mentioned but not explicitly addressed.
I'll assume that Twilight just teleported her poop from her body to random locations in the griffon kingdom.

4837177 Somehow, that's really gross and really funny at the same time. In retrospective, I probably should have taken that line out.

4840413 I would have included those things, but I didn't want to weird people out.

4841271aif people came here to read this fan fiction with weight gain in the description they came for description on it, that's at least why I came. I enjoyed it but maybe you could revise the story? If you don't want to this fine, its just I think anyone who liked this story would like it more if you revised it!:twilightsmile: I certiantly would :twilightblush:

4969751 Care to give me some suggestions?

4970366 I certiantly enjoyed the story, is there anything you wished you could have added but you thought it would be too wierd to add? That kind of a thing for this fetish makes all the difference! If you think its hot and would add to this story's fetish, that would be what I would want you to add! :twilightsmile: Of course you may be too busy but its just a suggestion!:pinkiehappy:

4970383 So, in other words, you want me to write about Spike being sexually aroused and infatuated by Twilight's enormous butt, and then him rimming and humping it? LOL

4970641 That sounds nice.. I mean uhm, sure that would be good :twilightblush: Why does that sound so arousing to me?... Anyway, if you want to I would like that :twilightblush:

4970925 You and I share the same brain. LOL I also have a fat/butt fetish. I could write that As a separate story, I guess.

4970954 That sounds really... Awesome? I don't want to say arousing because it would be akwayrd :rainbowlaugh:

:rainbowlaugh: So gross and funny :pinkiegasp: added to favs :twilightsmile: follow

Now that is what I call a food trip....

weight gain is usually not my thing but I greatly like this story.

Honestly, I was expecting something... 'more'.

The story is pretty much just ''She ate stuff, The End.'', with actually little to no interesting description of the GROWTH, the ''becoming bigger, fatter, etc'' part... which is somewhat strange from a story that was supposedly focusing on her becoming 'Big' ?

6535525 Oh, don't get me wrong, what was there was well written and all, I suppose... It just didn't have nearly enough 'emphasis' on becoming and being 'big', as the picture and title had led me to expect.

6541487 Don't worry. I plan on writing more weight gain fics.

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