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What happens when Zecora has Rainbow over for soup?

This story was just a warm-up for the contest.
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She then tries to fly, her wings break and she falls 40 feet to her death. The End!

just saying that the way you spell Zacora is actually Zecora! :pinkiehappy: Just saying :D

Way, way, WAY too rushed. Drag out the expansion scene if you want to have a better story. In fact, that applies to a few of your stories, as well.

3383593 thanks for the feedback. I didn't want to spend a lot of time on this story; it was really more to get prepared for the contest, but I'll keep that in mind for some of my future stories!

3383320 You have no idea how many times I typed that, then went back and fixed it :P so I'm not surprised I missed one

3382884 what a fantastic ending!

Late to comment, but I feel I must. I just laughed so hard. One second she's depressed and obese, then suddenly, "hehehehe... jiggles" :rainbowlaugh:

3409197 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's pretty much how it goes doesn't it?

I love your fanfics and was wondering if you had any advice on how to write about fat ponies

Make a sequal to this but with twilight being the victim.

5220956 If there was a sequel, it would be Twilight crashing into the woods while learning to fly. Zecora finds her and she leads Twilight back to her abode. In an attempt to heal her, she accidentally feeds her the weight gain potion and Twilight gets fatter and fatter ^_^

5221648 I know but it has too be diferent , like a gift from someone. So read before you drink. And that is the title of this story "read before you drink" or how about "pound juice XXXXL".

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