When a freak science experiment at Twilight's library zaps Rainbow Dash with temporary aphasia, it's up to Applejack to get her a cure.

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So, read it now. Eh... well, you know my feelings on AppleDash, so no comment there. Beyond that, it felt kinda clunky at the beginning, like you spent so much time laying out that every single possible source of help was out. Still you had to get the plot rolling some way, right?

Iunno, I guess this is just the kind of thing you like if you like the ship. You wrote something for AppleDash fans, and I'm sure they'll love it. Me? Meh, was alright.

Tis a cute short story :rainbowkiss:

Dat Celestia tho.

welll... that happened :rainbowlaugh:

Dash, you sneaky thing! :rainbowkiss:


This was nice. Loved the ending. :rainbowlaugh:

Lol why was Rainbow speaking Cockney? :rainbowlaugh: joking, joking! kind of....

It makes me laught! I like it!

Nice story! It was definitely good for a laugh. :ajsmug::rainbowlaugh:

“Don't you worry, friendly pony of orange! I'll cure her of... I'll c-cure her of...” Zecora paused, went cross-eyed, then shook her head with a growl. “Just keep her awake!
. . .
“It's just a sample of zebra humor, you see.” Zecora smiled. After several seconds of no reaction, she rolled her eyes and trudged across the hut. “Bah! Make sure she rests while I tend to my alchemy...”

Snarky!Zecora is best Zecora. :twilightblush::trollestia:

A nice little thing. Well done, skirts :twilightsmile:


I knew that DS9 tied into this somehow. That episode is the only reason I know what Aphasia is.

I just want to know how this stuff gets churned out so fast (and still reads well). Good grief man, you're like a machine.

Very good Meine Freund.

Celestia saw the drama and was like.....nope I'm out O:

Could it be...

happy skirts?


These days, there aren't many decent AppleDash stories coming out, this is a diamond in the rough.

You should define aphasia on both your short and long descriptions of the story. It's too good to be overlooked by those that turn their noses up at vocabulary they don't recognize. Be well, and keep your pen moving. :ajsmug::heart:

I liked it up until the ending, at which it kinda fell to pieces.

Cute. I didn't even know you did cute.


That's... kind of what he does. Most of his stories are usually good, then they typically descend into a hilarious fit of anarchic clusterfuckism.

If you ask me, halogen with the strongly turnstile.


Hahahahahahahahahahahahah:pinkiehappy::pinkiegasp:(*...oops.worte it backwords*)
Still, nakes a great story and a verry funny one at that.

Hm. I wonder... someone with aphasia propably could have monkey-typewriter situations, too. That would be interesting. Also, cute appledash. :rainbowkiss:

Though... Zecora's orange rhyme fail seemed to me as a bit forced.

It was a cute enough story. Though once Rainbow Dash started helping Applejack, I knew what was going on.


I do have to agree with 3954298 that it took a long time to get revved up, and the very end (when everyone showed up) ended up a little weak, but it was a reasonable enough tale nonetheless.

Dat ending:rainbowlaugh:

“Rainbow Dash!” Applejack barked. “Let's start with somethin' simple! Say 'Apple!'”
Rainbow Dash teetered. “Kitchen!”
“Apple!” Applejack hissed.
“Apple! A. P. P. L. E.! You can do it, sugarcube!”

I'm getting a sinking feeling that Rainbow might have a veeeerrryy minor case of serious brain damage......

YAY! A Trekkie!!!

Shortskirtsandexplosions story in the feature box. Number of people surprised by this: 0.

I'll check it out later.

(Also, you might want to give a definition of aphasia for those too lazy to look it up)

"Don't worry, friendly pony of orange!
I'm sure i'll find something somewhere in my storage!"
Well, that sucked, but at least i didn't rhyme "orange" with "doorhinge", "porridge" or "George".

But less than two minutes into delivering Twilight's mail, Rainbow Dash just flew towards the thing and touched it! Like, just for curiosity's sake!

Twilight invented the bug zapper?

In any case, an amusing story, though it feels like Applejack got hot and cold running exposition installed, to say nothing of those times when your purpler prose is coming out of a mouth that's among those least suited for it.

Still, an enjoyable Appledashing. Zecora amused me, especially when channeling Hermes Conrad and setting herself up with an impossible couplet. Thank you for this, skirts. :twilightsmile:

“Don't you worry, friendly pony of orange! I'll cure her of... I'll c-cure her of...” Zecora paused, went cross-eyed, then shook her head with a growl. “Just keep her awake!” Grumbling in a desert tongue, the zebra dove neck-first into an alchemy table, filling her end of the hut with smoke, embers, and incantations.

Zecora failure :rainbowlaugh:

That was kind of adorable.

And yet, you're always so darn coy with your Appledash. A remark here, a blush there, a few laughs, and then the fic ends. Although, your subtle yet-not-subtle-at-the-same-time technique leads to some great laughs, so it's hard to fault you too much. :derpytongue2:

Also, apparently I get aphasia every Monday morning. I really feel sorry for my prof and classmates on those days, because I probably make about as much sense as Dash did.

All in all, a fun little story (I'll protect you from the watermelon seeds" = :heart:) so thanks for writing and sharing - for the 50th time, no less. Congrats on that, by the way. That's actually pretty amazing to consider. :rainbowderp: How much pressure would I be putting on you to say that I look forward to the next fifty?

3956468 You know what that's good enough we got to get moving.

Going in my Read Later list; I can't not read a story where Twilight casts Fumbletongue and Rainbow Dash fails the save.


That is all.

This tried really hard to be funny, but I just didn't find it funny at all. The jibberish just didn't really do anything. Sorry. The ending was okay though.

Why didn't you have rainbow dash say, "short skirts and explosions." :rainbowkiss:

what with it bein' not that long after Ma and Pa passed away, ya see.

I almost quit the story after I read that overused cliché:facehoof:

Celestia had the best reaction to it all. :trollestia:

Thud thud thud thus!

Oh no! Applejack is developing onomatopheosia! :derpytongue2:

A pegasus-zapper, specifically designed to stop certain pegasi from crashing into her library. Naturally Twilight over-engineered it. :twilightoops:

Bleh, more then one kind of Aphasia you know...Honestly, the need to attach an actual illness instead of just keeping it as magical mumbo jumbo seems kind of unneccesary.

Umm...that's actually canon. Like, Lauren Faust canon.

3957638 lauren faust said ajs parents are dead although its never directly mentioned in the show.

That's basically what I said.

While it's not directly mentioned, the fact remains that they live with their grandmother; not their parents, who would be taking care of their grandmother at that age (well, trying to...headstrong grandparents...).

I wonder if that ever will be in an episode...

You're mean! Now we don't know if it was just a one-way thing, where Dash could understand AJ too, or if she was totally faking it. And no follow up either. *pout*

Cute, lots of laughs, simple premise. Well done.

Aphasia's not exactly something I'd wish on anyone, but yeah, babel ponies. :pinkiecrazy:

"Waffles intravenously, turquoise?" (Encore chapter, please?)

Wasn't it obvious? It WAS one-way thing. She understands all. Everything AJ said. She just had problems with speaking.

Yeah, the aphasia is written perfectly. I had aphasia once from a severe migraine, and let me tell you, it is terrifying. I couldn't even understand why everyone was looking at me weird, but I could understand that they were confused, and they were telling me to go to a doctor. About an hour later I was better, but yeah, aphasia is no fun at all. I can understand on a very personal level why Dash was so freaked out.

What is it about sick Dash that's so goddamn cute?

This was really nice, with some great funny bits (Zecora is usually so serious in the show, it's easy to overlook the comedic potential there). I had a feeling Rainbow understood everything AJ was saying. That culminating moment between Dash and AJ was really good, but then, before there could be any closure or anything, everyone else arrives and derails everything. Goddammit Skirts...

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