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The Cutie Mark Crusaders find a new cook book at the library, and Applejack decides to try some of their food.

This was an attempt to make a (very) short story within 1 hour. Unfortunately, it didn't happen, and I ended up taking about an hour + 10 minutes. Let me know what you think, I love to hear your feedback to make my stories better!

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Comical in a slightly disturbing way... I like it.

The bar has been raised for you old friend

3096649 is that a good thing? Because now it just sounds like pressure :P

They didn't judge the book by it's cover because they didn't read it. Oh well AJ's happy... :ajsmug:

3096814 And when best pone is happy pone, everypone is happy pone!

It's surprisingly easy to buy the CMC reading a book without reading the title beforehand.

3098245 Cutie Mark Crusaders don't judge books by their cover, because they don't read the cover

I can't help but approve of squishy AJ. ;)

"One the group had reached the end of their journey" I think you meant Once, there.

3106821 squishy best pone>

And yeah, thanks for the heads up on the typo

This was pretty good. i liked it. :pinkiehappy:

Sisterly love I guess

Those three just can't catch a break can they? :facehoof:

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