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When Fluttershy runs out of money, Rarity tells her to get a job. However, that job may change their lives forever...

This is for all of my watchers on any site, thank you so much for supporting me!

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I like it.

2981189 Thanks! It is for all you guys after all, so I'm glad it got some positive reviews :pinkiehappy:

When I said I like I mean it I read a lot of wgs on deviantart.com but your fat pony stories take the cake

2981612 wow... Thank you so much!!!!!!!! That means a lot to me!!!

At first, I was like "The chocolate's probably drugged or enchanted to make it super-irresistible." By the end, it's actually "Nope, the ponies are just getting fat. Really, really fat."

Thanks for the story! This was totally worth the weight(see what I did there). Can't wait for more!

Great work as per usual

2982047 well, it wasn't drugged, but that didn't stop Rarity from going every single day it was open...

2982993 thanks! I'm glad that you liked it!

The only problem I have with this story is fluttershy may not look in a mirror on a routine basis, but Rarity would because of her vanity. Other than that it was good as far as fetish stories go.

It isn't helpful when all your friends are enablers. :duck: :applejackunsure: :pinkiesmile:

2984073 when I was writing this, I also considered Rarity looking in a mirror at any given time. I even put in the story that she got ready, which would involve her looking in a mirror.

BUT, if ones' weight gain is over time, they may not notice it and may not be aware of their size. So Rarity's gain happened over time, and was simply unaware of it, and with seeing herself more often, there was fewer changes to her physique than the last time she looked in a mirror.

Case in point, I totally agree with you, but under the circumstances of the story, and for it to follow the story's plot (no pun intended), she had looked in the mirror so much that every change was barely any different from each time she looked in the mirror :moustache:


Oh gotcha... Pretty obvious now that I think about it.

2993625 k good, because it took a bit of effort to make up an answer on the spot lol. But it did get me thinking, so thank you for pointing that out :3

3002157 thanks! Glad you enjoyed t!

3397585 Your avatar is perfect for what you do, btw. I just noticed it and laughed myself to tears.

3400521 That is EXACTLY the face I had in mind! :rainbowlaugh:

Was I the only one who thought this was absurdly arousing?

*drools* I want a job like that...

Wow I wonder how big Flutters is gonna get :yay::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:Please make more stories :fluttercry::ajsleepy::raritycry::raritydespair::twilightoops:

4447016 Without a doubt...but maybe if i was female.

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