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What would happen if Luna went to the Cookieverse? Find out!

Yes, all of you got trolled. So enjoy this story while you are all just dumbstruck by the fact that this story is about cookies. Good day!

Cookie Clicker copyright its owners
Cover Art copyright http://theponymuseum.deviantart.com

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1 000 000 000 cookies?
how cute. That's the amount I generate every 7 second. (I really should stop playing it...)

Nice take on Cookie Clicker :twilightsmile:

3256246 Pfff only 1,000,000,000 every seven seconds? I'm makin 3,000,000,000 PER second.


Dear god what am I doing with my life?

The actual game doesn't seem to want to work for me.
Could it be because I use a Windows XP operating system?

3256317 you might need to update your JavaScript. Try that, then let me know how it goes

Omfg this was just perfect hahahhaa

3256246 it's how much I generate every few minutes...


Aaaaand it's gone :3

3256298 you should probably do something, like, go outside and pass a ball around, or something like that...

3256352 I did try that. No dice.

3256255 thank you! It was fun to make so I'm glad you enjoyed it!

3256353 haha thanks! I'm pretty pleased with it myself :P

3256370 maybe update your browser. I have no problems playing on chrome atm

I shall read this tomorrow morning! :flutterrage:



why has no one else done this???

3256650 I don't know, but I have seen art about cookie clicker on tumblr :3


3256417 Chrome, of course! You are brilliant!:pinkiehappy:
Why didn't I think before?:rainbowhuh:

Very cute as always.

3259370 haha I laughed really hard when I read that one... That was when it was still in classic mode... Now it's all fancy

3259310 because people with internet explorer (guessing) tent to stay with internet explorer... Lol

Comment posted by TacoBiteToughGuy deleted Sep 26th, 2013

3258202 we all wish don't we? But sadly, this is the end of my cookie clicker writing career :(

3260399 That' because IE is significantly more user-friendly for general browsing.

3260448 but apparently chrome runs faster :3 did it load cookie clicker?

3260454 I haven't been on a computer in about 20 hour.
I'm on here through Xbox Live's version of IE.

Dis' good :pinkiehappy:
left a like and a fav.

3260498 that's so smart... I would have never thought of doing that :3


Trivia! The grandma sprite was based off this picture... That's why it looks so creepy, because it is creepy

3261082 It makes reading the words a LOT easier.

3261149 yeah but then u can't play games while you wait for your cookies...

3261215 Internet games don't work on XBL internet. Microsoft was worried that Flash games and the like would deterr people from buying and downloading games for the 360.

I thought the ending was cute.:pinkiehappy:

3261235 haha I meant like COD or NHL lol

3261422 ...wut?

How did u even find this???

3265194 National Hockey League. That's the league within Canada and the USA.

3265889 That would explain why I've never heard of it. Australia doesn't have very much to do with winter sports.

3265963 yeah it's a pretty big deal in Norhh America... Speaking of foreign sports, there should be more Austrailian Rules Football. That sport is cool :3

3267631 AFL(Ausstralian Football League[Aussie Rules]) is alright, but NRL(National Rugby League) and State of Origin(QLD vs NSW[Rugby League]) are better.

3268649 in Canada, I somehow manage to hear more about AFL than any other sport (except hockey, soccer, football, basketball and gold :3)

3269058 Look up 2013 State of Origin game 3 on youtube.

I have to say 'game 3' because there's only 3 SoO matches a year, and My team, Queensland(maroon), has won it 8 in a row.

*Snickers* Sheesh. I just started playing the game this week. Of course Luna would get addicted as easily as any of us, with the added lure of actually tasting those supernal cookies!

3277516 If anything we are all super jealous of her :3

*5 minutes ago*
"I wonder if anyone's made a mlp fanfic having to do with Cookie Clicker, lol..."

*4 minutes ago*
"OMG, there's actually a mlp fanfic having to do with Cookie Clicker..."

*3 minutes ago*
"This is great."

*2 minutes ago*

*1 minute ago*
"What happened to the cookies...?"

"*5 minutes ago* 'I wonder if anyone's made a mlp fanfic having to do with Cookie Clicker, lol...'
*4 minutes ago* 'OMG, there's actually a mlp fanfic having to do with Cookie Clicker...'
*3 minutes ago* 'This is great.'
*2 minutes ago* 'LOLOL'
*1 minute ago* 'What happened to the cookies...?'"

3320385 whoa, that's like comment-ception...

Glad you enjoyed the story!

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