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It's Nightmare Night, and there are plenty of festivities going on around Ponyville. So when Applejack notices a eating competition, she signs up without hesitation. However, her rival signs up with her...

Happy Nightmare Night!

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Quite a bit of potential, but it's too rushed to make anything of it.

3425629 This tends to be a trend with my stories apparently...

In all honesty, I started this story a few hours before midnight, and got it done at about 12:30 for nightmare night. It was rushed, but it got the message I was trying to convey, which was eating contest and pones get fat...

So with no deadlines for a long time (ie. Christmas/other winter holiday) I should find more time to write a longer story. Hopefully it will eliminate the rushed aspect of the story then. As always, thanks for the feedback!

These stories that you write just disturb me in a number of levels, yet I can't stop reading them. And I hope you never stop writing them. :rainbowkiss:

A nice story for Halloween. I knew in the back of my mind, though, when I looked at the story, that it was about an eating contest. :rainbowderp: Creepy...

I think it is weird that most writers make the food immediately metabolize. Although it makes sense as they are cartoon characters, it just seems silly. Anyway nice fetish story.

3426448 ...thank you? Lol

I probably won't stop writing for a while so no need to worry :3

3428077 I have noticed this myself as well, and most writers do it because it is more efficient and faster, while still getting the results everyone wants

3429332 Why yes, yes I am :trixieshiftright:


Pretty much realized that after I went to bed, although personally I wouldn't mind that they have a distended stomach (Maybe a popped out belly button). Must be that I have a stuffing fetish, more than a fat fetish. Oh well I choose to read it any way so I can't complain to much. I like your work though man, I only have the Luna Cookie fic left read from your stuff.

3431711 Wow... Thank you for reading my stuff... But yeah I don't have a huge stuffing fetish, mostly just fat and partial inflation. I might tailor one of my next stories to more of a stuffing fetish :3

Love it!:pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::raritystarry::twilightsmile::yay::trollestia:

3435100 Haha that just totally reminded me of the purple dragon from DragonTales... Forgetting the name but I'm glad you liked it!

Oh, why that was amazing!

3435443 I think I know the one you're talking about one of the two-headed set...Weezy was it?

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