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Dash goes and visits Pinkie after a flight practice, but a terrible tragedy happened to Rainbow which prevents her from flying. Now she's moved in with Pinkie, but can she keep up with all the sweets Pinkie makes?

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Like it so far:pinkiehappy:
Cupcakes reference... Duh duh duh!!

This better be just a comedy. :ajsmug:

Your premise seems very similar to a story I wrote, a comedy in which Rainbow loses her ability to fly, and Pinkie becomes her feeder. Except mine was a dirty clop fic.

2562673 Lol I had no idea... Great minds think alike :twilightsheepish:

The Sugarcube Corner kitchen was full to the brim with different sweets. There was apple pie, strawberry rhubarb pie, blueberry pie, cherry pie, key lime pie, lemon tarts, butter tarts, chocolate cake, vanilla cake, tuxedo cake, a MMMM cake, brownies, tubs and tubs of ice cream, and many other delicacies that Rainbow didn't even know the names of!

"a MMMM cake" needs to be changed.

2573908 haha thanks I wrote it and didn't really check it over :P

2656253 Sorry I've been sidetracked by another story, but after I release that story ill update. Hopefully within a few days

Squishy smiles was the other story right?

You should make chapter headings that say things like "the good stuff happens here"

2805519 or maybe i'll name them...

Is there gonna be a love interest or what?

2813104 maybe... Guess we'll find out pretty soon then, won't we?

they really need an evil smile emoticon

I give you six billion hearts and happy Pinkies for you to continue this story

This story is going to be very long better write longer chapters

2842164 my target is not a few, longer chapters. My target is plentiful, smaller chapters. My reason: not everyone has 20-30 minutes to spare reading a story, and when people read longer chapters, they may have to stop mid-chapter. With my story, you can read for however long you need, and still be close to the end of a chapter. It's really more of a convienince thing. Plus it means more updates for you guys. Win/win for all of us :moustache:

There it is! :raritystarry: I was getting worried...

Applejack you are going to make Pinkie jealous...

2844707 or pinkie is gonna make applejack jealous :moustache:

I :pinkiecrazy: Think :pinkiecrazy: I'm :pinkiecrazy: going :pinkiecrazy: Crazy! Time to read the next chapter!

"Could you please make waffles, French toast, scrambled eggs, and pancakes? Oh, and lots of bacon!"


She finally finished and wiped her hands of all the syrup.


2936799 A) bacon is delicious so I couldn't leave it out of my story

B) how did anypony not tell me this before?!? Lol thanks

It's been about 3 weeks. Working on something else? I'd love to hear more of this story! :twilightsmile:

2977347 I've currently been working on a side project, and has gone on for longer than expected. its much larger than intended, but hopefully it'll pay off in the end. i hope to update this story within the next few weeks... so just be patient with me

2977493 I found out the story you have been working on. Take your time, too. No need for rush! ... I guess... :twilightsheepish:

3038348 uh oh, we seem to have reached a predicament... Crispy bacon VS. Slightly chewy bacon that isn't too chewy but just right!

I'm not too sure where I'm going with this, but bacon is amazing no matter how its cooked

Is it her sisters, Limestone Pie and Marble Pie?

3145716 we'll have to wait and see, won't we?

You and your head games

Don't forget about the Arubo Fruit!!!!!

3188603 I either must have been really tired or really drunk when I thought of that, and I don't drink. Might be dropping it from the story, but you never know until you finish writing...

Not going to drop it, just going to use it on a later date :D

"I like her like this. Surely you feel the same, right Applejack?"
"Ye-wait a minute! How did you-"

Hahaha! :rainbowlaugh:

3292422 good ol' pinkie, using her pinkie sense :3

You seem to amaze me again :twilightsmile:. Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

3305216 Thank you for the compliment! Hopefully I can amaze you once more with the next chapter when I actually get around to finishing it!

Pinkie: let's go make some cupcakes!
Were you hinting at something

Something's gonna backfire, right?:unsuresweetie:

3355640 possibly... We can only wait and find out....

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