• Published 10th May 2013
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Practice Makes Pudding - TacoBiteToughGuy

Dash goes and visits Pinkie after a flight practice, but a terrible tragedy happened to Rainbow which prevents her from flying. Now she's moved in with Pinkie, but can she keep up with all the sweets Pinkie makes?

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The Void

"All right chef? What is for dinner?" Dash asked Pinkie as she sat down at the table full of haywiches and delectable desserts. "Definitely not these I hope."

"A fruit protein shake! It is a meal replacement so you do not eat any food. That stuff is there just because I had extra time. You never know who could be coming." Pinkie replied as she placed the tall glass on the table, straw pointing towards the overweight pony. She took it with an extreme hunger, but soon found her hunger become much larger within her stomach.

Not even thinking, she took three haywiches and ate them whole! However, those three were followed by another three, and another three, and so on until she had finished the large stack of them. As she gulped down the last sandwich, she reached for the nearby platter of cupcakes and popped one in her mouth. With glee, she consumed cupcake after cupcake until she scarfed them all down into her stomach. Almost lost in a food-gasm, Rainbow selected a massive chocolate cake and dove face first into its creamy centre. Taking huge bites at a time, Rainbow devoured the whole thing. As she reclined in her chair, obviously full, she licked the chocolate she had on her lips and sent it down her throat.

Before Rainbow came back to her senses, Pinkie acted fast, cleaning up her mess as fast as possible! Bussing plates from the table to the kitchen in record time, she just made it as Dash came out of her arubo stupor. "The shake was the tastiest shake ever! Can I have another?"

"Of course! Let me just mix it up!" The pink party pony scooted into the kitchen. This time, instead of setting out more food on the table for Rainbow to eat in a hungry daze, Pinkie Pie mixed in a weight gain formula into the arubo shake. "So if one scoop is recommended for weight lifters, then twenty scoops should be good for weight gainers!" Pinkie giggled to herself, hoping she wasn't too loud so Rainbow Dash wouldn't hear. She blended it up and brought it out to RD, who took it with a surprising greed.

Rainbow took the whole drink, and started to pour it into her mouth and down her throat into her awaiting stomach. As the shake hit her stomach, she instantly began to feel more hungry than ever! Drinking more and more of the shake, she became much more desperate to fill the void in her stomach. "Pinkie, I don't care what food it is, I need food now!" The pegasus was now grasping onto her friend, who couldn't help but smile.

"This is a bakery, so I don't think I will have anything healthy. We can work off the few calories you gain from the pastries tomorrow though!" Pinkie bounced off, gathering all the most fattening foods she could find in the bakery.

Cookies, cupcakes, pies, tarts, cakes, brownies and much more was gathered on the table. Rainbow, unable to wait any longer, took a whole slice of chocolate cake and shoved it into her mouth. As tasty as it was, it wouldn't fill the hole in her gut fast enough for her. Dashie decided to just take bites right out of the whole cake. It was much faster, and she finished the cake in no time, leaving behind chocolate stains on her blue muzzle and hooves.

She quickly moved on to the next item: a large tray of chocolate brownies. Topped with chocolate icing, this delicacy could have easily fed at least five ponies, but Rainbow Dash was going to eat it all by herself. She popped each individual square into her mouth, chewing a few times before swallowing and opening up her lips for the next piece. The brownies didn't stand a chance against her insatiable appetite as she licked the dish clean.

Rainbow Dash continued her binge until she ate every speck of food on the table. Eating enough sweets to cater the Grand Galloping Gala, Rainbow Dash decided to retire for the night. She led the way to her room, with Pinkie in tow. "Thanks for everything Pinkie. I promise I will work super hard to counter all the sweets I had tonight. I was just so hungry, I couldn't help myself!"

"It's okay Dashie, we will worry about it in the morning. Have a good sleep!"

"Heh, thanks, I'll try." Pinkie shut the door to her room, leaving Rainbow to herself. Waddling over to the guest bedroom, she shut the door behind her before getting into her bed. She poked her belly, watching as it jiggled and wobbled with every movement she made. "I swear, this gut is gonna change! I can't keep living like this, so good-bye sweets, hello Wonderbolts!" That was her last thought before she fell fast asleep.