• Published 10th May 2013
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Practice Makes Pudding - TacoBiteToughGuy

Dash goes and visits Pinkie after a flight practice, but a terrible tragedy happened to Rainbow which prevents her from flying. Now she's moved in with Pinkie, but can she keep up with all the sweets Pinkie makes?

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Not Again...

As Rainbow closed the door to Sugarcube Corner, she noticed it was about ten in the morning. She then began to do the math. "So if it's ten now, then I have two hours until lunch. I better not be late, I don't think Pinkie will be too pleased with me..."

Dash started her run, heading off to Sweet Apple Acres. Unbeknownst to Rainbow, she started jiggling as she ran. It wasn't much, but it was clearly visible. Her potbelly kept swinging side to side, ripples throughout her stomach. Her plot was bouncing up and down, flaunting itself as Rainbow cantered down the dirt path. Her hind legs were beginning to rub against each other, no matter how far apart she spread them. Not like she noticed. According to her, Rainbow Dash is still Equestria's best flier. That would probably be true, about 30 pounds ago.

By the time RD made it to Sweet Apple Acres, she was completely out of breath and completely drenched in sweat. "That's strange, I could fly to AJ's no problem not that long ago... Maybe running is harder than it looks..." Rainbow decided to stop by and give Applejack a quick hello. Dash walked up the dirt road to the Apple family's home, staring at all the delicious apples. There were so many different types hanging from the branches. Rainbow spotted some gala, golden delicious, granny smith, macintosh, and many others she didn't even know the name of.not that it mattered, they all looked delicious anyways.

As Rainbow Dash arrived at the Apple family's home, a loud bell rang nearby. Rainbow shrugged it off, that bell could be for anything. Heck, it could even be for her arrival. Regardless, she trotted on to the the apple orchard, where she was hoping to find Applejack. What Rainbow Dash didn't know, was that Applejack was going to find her...

"Oomf... What in tarnat- Oh, howdy Rainbow! What brings you around these parts?"

"I decided to go for a run around Ponyville, and I decided to stop by and see how my favourite powerhouse was doing. However you clearly seem to be in a rush, so I guess I'll be on my way..."

"Wait, Rainbow! I'm in a rush because the bell rang. Do you know what that means?" RD shook her head no. "Why, it means its chow time; YEEHAW!"

Rainbow Dash was still feeling a little full after her breakfast, but she had some room to spare. Plus, it would be ver rude to decline her offer of hospitality. "Sweet! I'd love to eat with you guys."

Applejack let Rainbow lead the way. It wasn't the first time she had come over for food. It was, however, the first time she was on time. As Dash walked on, Applejack realized something was different about her friend. That's when she saw it! Her plot was starting to jiggle each time Rainbow took a step. "My golly!" Applejack thought to herself. "Rainbow Dash has put on weight!" Since Applejack knew about the injury, she put two and two together. "With Rainbow injured and not practicing her crazy flips and tricks, she seemed to take on a very inactive lifestyle. I bet Pinkie is stuffing her poor face full of sweets and treats too. Poor Rainbow..." As much sympathy Applejack had for her, she couldn't break her line of sight from the bouncy blue plot in front of her. It was almost as if she was attracted to it...

As the pair walked to the picnic table, the food was just getting set out. It was just like Dash's breakfast; bacon and eggs. Except instead of waffles, pancakes and French toast, there was plain toast. However, like Dash's previous meal, there was tons of food. "Howdy Rainbow Dash." Granny Smith greeted their guest. "Come for brunch?"

"Yes please! I'd love some!" The Apple family was known for having large quantities of food. "Expect the unexpected." Granny Smith would say. In this case, an extra seat at the table. Rainbow was handed a large plate full of food and a glass of iced/sweet tea (the sugary, good-tasting one). She was originally only going to eat a little bit, but now she didn't want to seem like she didn't like the food. On her plate was four eggs; sunny side up, a stack of bacon, and three pieces of toast. Rainbow Dash decided to start with the eggs.

She took her spoon, and scooped up a whole egg, then placed it in her mouth. This was one of the best eggs RD had ever had! She quickly swallowed and went for the next one. It tasted just the same, delicious. Same with the third and the fourth. The eggs had been cooked in the bacon fat, as Rainbow could taste the bacon in the eggs. Rainbow then proceeded onto the bacon. There was a decently sized pile of bacon on her plate. Not even close to the mountain she had for breakfast, but still a lot. Dash took a strip and popped into her mouth. The taste of the salty pork on her tongue was almost orgasmic. Rainbow Dash couldn't get enough as she was taking two to three strips at a time. Because of this, Rainbow's bacon supply quickly ceased to exist. The only think left of her plate was the toast. She swiftly devoured the whole wheat slices. The toast, with its dry properties, made Rainbow thirsty. She grabbed her cup of iced (deal with it US) tea and chugged the whole glass.

Once empty, Dash lowered the cup to the table and started sub-consciously rubbing her belly. It's playful doughiness entertained Dash as she tried to release pressure in her stomach. Meanwhile, everyone was digging right into their food, except Applejack. For some reason she couldn't explain, she couldn't get her mind off Rainbow's belly. How it rippled when it was touched, how it bounced when she played with it, how it hung and swayed when she walked. AJ soon snapped out of trance just long enough to not look suspicious. Applejack quickly ate her eggs and bacon and ate her toast in time with the others.

"Well Rainbow, it was nice of you to stop by and say hello." Applejack spoke as they walked to the front gates. "You're always welcome here at Sweet Apple Acres, so swing by anytime!"

"Thanks AJ, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the food, it was all very delicious! I'll see you some other time!" Rainbow headed off, cantering down the path back towards the centre of Ponyville, but not before Applejack could sneak one more look at that bouncing blue plot.

Author's Note:

AppleDash clopfic? Maybe...