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Recklessness has gotten Rainbow Dash into the position that she's in, right now. She's one of the land's top athletes. She's an epic hero who has saved Equestria numerous times. She is living her dream by training to become like one of her idols. And she even has a number one fan and little, sister figure who will stay by her side.

But, recklessness is supposed to be a bad thing. And, bad things usually lead to more bad things........right? In this case, Rainbow Dash cripples her wings, once again, while doing some reckless things. But, the consequences end up becoming more questionable than distressing, over time.

*This is the first fan fiction that I have ever written. It is, indeed, a weight gain fetish story. When I was contemplating on what kind of story I wanted to write first, I really didn't expect to get so into writing out a scenario for my fetish. Especially on My Little Pony. And, especially since I have been quite shy about publicly addressing my fetish through a project. But, the idea just hit me, and I really started having a lot of fun with it. So, I decided to use this as my first attempt at writing an original story. Despite the fact that I've seen this scenario many times in WG fics. This is my own spin on it.*

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Don't be afraid to tell me how I can fix any issues you might have the writing.

Not complaining or anything, but this story is kinda similar to mine...

Rainbow hurts herself in a flight accident, then stays at Pinkie's and gets fattened up.

Just puttin that out there...

2910692 LOL I actually read all of the parts of your story now. The reason why this story has this particular scenario is because I originally wrote this as a bunch of story paths for an interactive story on Writing.com. I didn't even think about your story until you brought it up. Don't worry. I know that this scenario has been done before. This is just my own spin on it.

2911538 haha I know what you mean... I thought of the idea on my own for my story, then someone else said I had the same plot as them... As I said to the other guy, great minds think alike lol

Well, and now start the force-feeding of little dashy with tons of delicious apple fritters.

A little too coincidental there. Rainbow: Hey I totally want to eat all of this. Pinkie: Hey that looks like fun. AJ: I secretly want RB to all eat my pies. Scootaloo: I'm totally helping rainbow dash.

If she gets another 5 helpers I am calling Shenanigans on this story, but I'll keep reading it anyway... :facehoof:

2960905 LOL Don't worry. There aren't any more feeders. In fact, I plan to make Scootaloo and Pinkie Pie dynamically different from Applejack. They will still be enablers, but for very different reasons. And, they won't be nearly as invested in the growth of Rainbow Dash. And, this is the most characters we'll see doing this. The stuffing scene in this chapter was meant to be sudden and surprisingly convenient to transition into how this one moment of seemingly harmless fun can lead to drama, hilarity, and conflict. It's a kick starter. The convenience is also played up for silliness. It's why Applejack was in disbelief for most of the chapter. And the other two were kept very oblivious to that. I felt that Scootaloo and Pinkie Pie were perfect for that. I guess I didn't make it obvious enough that the fetishy stuff is going too smoothly to have no repercussions. As Applejack fears. "Ah'm gonna regret this..." And, remember, this is a fetish story. So, some things just have to play out a bit unnaturally to keep it that way. Thanks for catching that though. It's intentional.


Ok. Yeah I can see that now. Still looking forward to it, just my English degree asserting itself. I've been reading these types of stories since I was 12.

You're using way too many periods in your ellipses.
Three is fine, any more are overdoing it and make it a chore to read.
Otherwise it's an alright story and I'd like to see where you're taking it.

2976139 Well, I do that to show how long the pauses are between words and sentences during the characters' dialogue. I personally like this. In my opinion, it helps present the dialogue more naturally. Instead of saying things like 'She paused for _____ amount of time' or something like that to make the dialogue flow in a natural way, I could show the pause and how long it was to help readers imagine how certain characters vocally behave while talking within certain contexts. If you've ever played Paper Mario, you'd know that the writers abused the hell out of that. But, if it really is that annoying, I can say that there won't be nearly as much of it for a while. I used it a lot in the 4th chapter because it was meant to emphasize how awkward or contemplative certain characters felt during the given situations.

Thank you for the input. It means much more to me than favorites, likes, and dislikes because it allows me to understand how you readers feel while reading. And it also allows me to explain my decisions when they are questioned, as well as know when I make potential mistakes that I feel should be fixed.

Please!! we need more of this fic!! I want to see how Rainbow goes big
Sorry Rainbow, but you are so cute when you are worried about your weight.

3429348 I know that I have been rather quiet for a long time. But, rest assured, that I am almost done with the next chapter. I might be able to finish it before the week ends.

How best to put it... "Eeyup".

Oh, wow. This is becoming quite delightful.

3911166 I just got started with the next chapter. It's been a long time coming.

3912339 Totally willing to edit for ya.

I can't wait to see the next chapter!! :rainbowkiss:

Season 4 reference

"Hmmmmm.....Y'know......Whenever Rarity gets really depressed, she starts eating a lot."
Scootaloo blinked with a bewildered expression on her face.
"Yeah. She gorges on her gourmet chocolates and secret stash of ice cream. She thinks I don't know, but I've seen her do it before." Sweetie Belle then realized what she just did and began to panic. "O-oh! Uuuuuuhhhm. PLEASEDON'TTELLANYPONY!! I-I mean.....Rarity will kill me if she finds out that I know and told somepony!"
Scootaloo was taken aback, but got interested. She started forming questions.
"Does she get really hungry when she gets depressed?"
"I-I don't know. I just know that she starts to feel better when she does it."
"Are chocolates and ice cream the only foods that cure depression?"
"They work for Rarity."

I'm glad you do write this way, to make a story rather than just appealing to our sick fetishes... And I love how Applejack is so easy to relate to.

I love this way more then I actually should :twilightblush:
The thought of Applejack freaking out over this type of stuff is hilarious to me :rainbowlaugh:
Can't wait to see more!

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