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Writefag from /mlp/ who likes fat ponies and Gilda http://pastebin.com/u/Rubber-Zeke


A gluttonous pony gets the stuffing she always wanted from someone she least expected.

Warning: Contains stuffing, weight gain, and slight F/F

Critiques are welcome

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Except for reiterating some of the lines with the same words, not bad.

Could've had some grammar edits here and there, but I loved it! Found it very intriguing :twilightsmile:

4690917 yeah I was noticing that when I went through it again. But thank you I appreciate the critique

I like it and want another chapter, but at the same time this makes me question my sanity.

It's just...

It needs a sequal or sumething

SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! I like these 2 being cute togethor. Please make more chapters! :rainbowkiss:

The only problem is that white kiss should look up becasue the other one is bigger, yes? Overall it was pretty good, but I get that people still want more

I can relate very much to the main character in this! Except I'm male. Absolutely stupendous read!

7862232 No truer words have ever been spoken, my friend. I too can relate to this...but like you, i am a man, which if it wasn't for that i would already be letting my girl/or boyfriend stuff me silly. Being male is the only thing holding me back.

I really enjoyed this! Could we get a sequel or something?

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