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Hey there, just your average pony fan and purveyor of pony pudginess from the UK here! I occasionally do small stories of pones getting rather large, so stick around and ya might see some haha!

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Birthday! (And the end of FIM?) · 6:36am Oct 15th, 2019

...Was yesterday! XD Forgot to check in here, oops.

I'm 26 now, I feel ooolllld.

Also, seems Friendship is Magic finally ended after almost a decade of pony fun. Holy hell l, I remember being super into the show back in 2011-2012 but interest in it gradually wained over time. Still loved the characters even if I stopped watching it almost completely back in 2016, sporadically watching eps every now and then still.

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Aw, shame! It was super cute :3

Still lurking around here, dealing with irl stuff before I get back into pone.


Sadly that one will never be finished, it was ghostwritten by a friend who has since decided to walk away from fetish works.

I love it when I find out really good writers are also really nice :3

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