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Hey there, just your average pony fan and purveyor of pony pudginess from the UK here! I occasionally do small stories of pones getting rather large, so stick around and ya might see some haha!


Another example of writing involves excessive amounts of pony pudge.

Pinkie and Luna go to Canterlot and the party pony ends up getting more than a bit pudgy.

Contains stuffing and mega level WG!

Tagged for sex, none actually happens in the story but it seems that most fetishy stories need it regardless of content >w>

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Heh. Celestia's in for a big surprise now that Luna and Pinkie are partners in crime. :p

The story was a pretty great read. Only noticed some minor grammatical and punctuation errors throughout the entire thing, like:

There were so many to choose from! The poor pink pony couldn’t decided, and her growling, impatient stomach was hoping she’d pick something soon.

Wonderful descriptions, though. I especially like the part about Rarity blowing up "like some great white zeppelin." Interesting way to say 'blimp', haha. :)

Glad ya liked it! ^.^ Any fave bits? :3

Oops, I'll fix that when I can xD

Heh, I love comparing ponies to balloons and the like when they get big, ao ;3

My favourite bits would have to be the dinner and the aftermath, haha. Pinkie just seems so snug at that size, from the way you described her, and it's great how shocked the posh ponies are at Pinkie turning herself into a circus attraction. Kinda seems like there's a pattern going on in your stories with other ponies poking at the main character's gigantic form in awe, heh. :p

Heh, yeah I like doing that, having characters just fascinated by the sheer size their fellow ponies have bloated up to X3

Say, if you have any ideas for stories, could maybe try some if I can :3


We need another chapter with Celestia being pranked!

I did do a story of Celestia getting huge, should be in gallery =p

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