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A guy who writes about fat horse, among other things. If that's not your thing, no one's stopping you from looking someplace else.


Princess Luna has a slow morning, which has her come in contact with a new cupcake concoction, made by no other than Pinkie Pie herself.

Of course, she has to have some more, and the Princess of the Night almost always gets what she wants...

Another WG story I did a while ago, this time of everyone's favourite moonbutt.

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So, those "special ingredients" that Pinkie added to the cupcakes... were those the calorie enhancers from "Grounded"? Maybe crack to make them more addictive?


7586910 For all I know, and looking at Pinkie, it's likely both

7606808 I remember that one, loved it :3c

7607085 So what'd you think of this one? :3

7607207 I thought it was good, it was quick to the point, and sexy:pinkiesmile:

Princess Moonpig is best princess! We need more stories like this!

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