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"Only the most subtle of references." -No fanfiction writer ever


Pinkie Pie has a secret that not even she knows about.
What will the truth affect? Well, probably not that much, to be honest.
But it sure makes for a neat party trick!

Filed as "Teen" just to be safe, but all mentionings are very circumspect.
An entry for the Monster Mares Story Contest

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Oooo, slime ponies. My favorite! I'll need to give this a read later.

This was a great to read

Now I wanna read more about the slime queen.

Should have made it about Luna and this would top the feature box.

Sequel please!!:yay:

That last line. Did you write this entire story just for that joke?

Kinda just came about naturally after I saw how the cover art turned out.

"I gave them some jellybeans and they calmed down."

You, sir, have good taste in games. Also, this was quite the amusing read.

Takebayashi Ryouma approve this story for scientific purpose
... and is on the way for more research on the subject


It all makes so much sense now! Well, except for the Emergency Sombreros hidden around town, no one except Cheese Sandwich wears those.

She's made of rubber! (How did that happen?)

Ha ha ha she took a bite of FUN FUN.

Pinkie D. Pie.
the mare who ate the FunFun Fruit.

I cannot resist:

That story image is hilarious and cute. I love it.

It's a good anime, so I don't fault you for it. :pinkiehappy:

that was good fun. Would love to read more like this.

Why can I picture this being an actual episode :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Undead Equestrian Writer deleted Jun 16th, 2019

"Ditto!" Pinkie agreed with a cheery wink and giggle.

I see what you did there.:ajsmug:

Gotta be honest i want to read more of this there's a ton of potential for things to write. Definently followed

I new it! It explains so little, yet so much


that was a very interesting read which would explain so much about Pinkie

Just one thought I had: what about Marble? She is Pinkies twin sister after all in canon, so is she a half-slime as well? Or are they just not twins here?

Oh 4kids one piece.....am i the only one who actually liked the 4kids opening song?

That was hilarious and the story's profile pic is adorable. I want a slime pet to hug and cuddle

This was flipping wonderfully hilarious, and I loved every second of it.

"Ditto!" Pinkie agreed with a cheery wink and giggle.

So was this actually for the Monster Mares contest or was it really for the Feghoot contest? I mean, it could almost be either, but it's probably too long to be a proper Feghoot.

Fraternal twins don't have to have the same father. They could still technically be twins even with Pinkie being half-slime.

Silly and makes too much sense


.... was that a pokemon pun at the end?

Really? Never heard of that
you learn something new every day :twilightsmile:

I was not aware of that little tidbit of information. I thought there was a one-year difference between each sister, with Marble being the youngest. For fanfactiony, AU-ey purposes we can say Marble is just younger here. Or, if we really want to cram this square peg into the round hole of canon, we could say that Cloudy Quartz was already pregnant with Marble when she met the mimic slime, and it's magic DNA turned a single child into a twin. Which, also, would explain why Igneous never suspected anything if Pinkie was born on a date he was expecting a foal to be born anyway.

Oh it's definitely for Monster Mares. I have plans for the feghoot. Auspicious plans. Plans that need my full use of the available wordcount without frittering some away on an eleventh hour pokemon joke.

And then Pinkie stacked them on top of each other and transformed them into a Queen Slime.

I just noticed the picture last second before the page was chaning... so i had to go back and take a closer look XDD wtf

"Ditto!" Pinkie agreed with a cheery wink and giggle.


I think it's doing alright.

This one's definitely going in my Group!

"Ah, here we are. Slimes." Twilight read from a hefty book of obscure Equestrian fauna, not even looking up to fire a concussive blast from her horn every time Spike cranked her tail.

Heh. That's a funny sight to imagine. :

"So that's how she does it," Rarity cursed under her breath, "She's been cheating!"

Oh Rarity. :rainbowlaugh:

Fluttershy nodded. "Serious doubts about the Princess' monster sealing abilities."

Worry not, dear, it's all part of the Thousand-Year-Plan. :trollestia:

"Stop, stop stop!" Pinkie demanded, her pink cheeks redder than a ruby-filled cherry pie. "I do not need the story of how Pinkie Pie was made!"

Well, at least I got an answer to how ponies and slime can... procreate.

Like lightning, Pinkie was back on her hooves. One went into her mane and came back with a handful of confections. "I've heard that the way to making a new friend is sometimes through their stomach, but I've never tried it like this before. Come on slimies! Who's hungry!?"

FRIENDS!!! :pinkiehappy:

Reminds me of Slime Rancher. I certainly won't mind a pony mod in that game – I might die from diabetes, though.

I also entered the Monster Mare contest. Though now that I've read this I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna get first place. :twilightblush: Though if I'm being honest, even with the number of stories entered so far, I'd be surprised and happy even if I got third. This was a fun story that made me laugh. Jolly good show sir, I hope to see more of these from you in the future. :pinkiehappy:

dis is gudd

Is the mimic slime a ditto from pokemon? Cuz it'd explain why Pinkie is pink when no one else in her family is near that color.

It turned out Slimy Pie was also once a human from Earth who died and was reincarnated into a very popular anime.

Rimaru? Is that you?



And what nopony knows is that Flim and Flam are disguised Mudcrab Merchants.

sauce on the story art tho

It's tagged in the usual fimfiction way.

i mean where you originally found the image

It was made by the artist linked in the image for this story.


Sorry, no idea what you just said

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