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I am a one-shot writer who loves Slice of Life tales and hearing from readers who enjoy my stories. Click on my blogs for an MLP poem.


Living at the top of a secluded tower is a beautiful pink pony with an extremely long mane. She waits forlornly, her pet baby alligator by her side, for her mother to return...

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Tangled × Pinkie Pie?!

That just works somehow.

This was pretty darn good

Raponezel walked over to the open window and rested her chin on the sill, looking down and out at the treetops of the forest that surrounded her tower. In her feverish worry, the thought had occurred to her to go looking for her mother many times, but... well, she had never left her home before, and Mother Gotland had always been strongly against it. "Never leave this tower, Raponezel," her mother would say. "The world outside is a horrible place! Filled with the cruelest of ponies who would only harm a sweet young mare like yourself. You must stay here and content yourself with throwing parties for me."

Happiness keeps her young?

Hmm. Well it's open to interpretation. Of course, the motivations could be very different from the Disney film too. 🤔 Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:

This was almost unbearably cute! And it's going in my Group

Awesome! Thank you very much! :pinkiehappy:

A shame this wasn't continued. Would have been interesting. Tangled Pinkie Version

I actually started this story back in January of 2018 and got to about halfway before I ran out of steam. :ajsleepy: Recently I managed to force myself to figure out a way to finish the other half and turn it into a half-decent short story, which is what you see here. :pinkiesmile:

It's pretty rare that I find myself passionate and full of enough ideas to keep with a single story long enough to turn it into something with more than one chapter. :derpyderp1: I guess there's just so many different interesting stories one can tell, and I tend to lose interest and move on to the next idea fairly quickly - hence the one-shots. :applejackunsure:

But hey! You seem to have enjoyed it enough that you wanted more. Glad to know you liked it at least that much! :twilightsmile:

Okay, so, I guess why she's in a tower and why Mother Gotland went missing is just going to go unexplained, huh? :applejackunsure:

I guess. At this point even I don't know for sure. :derpytongue2:

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