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So, supposing Yona could communicate with spiders, what else can she communicate with?

After the events of 'What Lies Beneath', Yona pays a visit to Professor Fluttershy in search of help concerning what may or may not be a newfound ability to communicate with animals.

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This story is like a stew. Wholesome, simple, and filling. Great work!

Careful now. You've already given me type 2 adorabeetus

Yona is best Flutteryak!

Happy New Year's Eve!

This is adorable, and captures the feel of the show perfectly. I could see this being made into a short.

And so, the special power of the element of Kindness is shown to hold true.
What power, you ask? Why, being an omniglot.

That's okay, I prefer the corrections to not. :raritywink: Funny, I always think of him as a 'Henry'. :twilightoops:

What is the word for what Fluttershy is anyway? :rainbowhuh: An animal caretaker? :applejackunsure: Ahh well. :derpytongue2:

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We could always turn to the show on the matter then--it's been pretty consistent at referring to the pegasus ponies as, well, pegasus ponies. So if nothing else, canon would seem to support it, and I would think that stands for something.

Anyway, nice little story. I can definitely see Yona being animal-savvy like Fluttershy, but with a bit more yak flare, of course. :twilightsmile:

Aw, so cute! It would be nice if this actually happened in the show. Could easily see it!

Eroraf pleased with yak story. Yona is best yak. Author make more stories about Yona?

Hehe! :pinkiehappy: Well, I honestly don't know. I write where my thoughts take me. :raritywink: It could be though. :twilightsmile:

Reader like story bout Yona speaking animal. New head cannon.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

It looks almost like it's an episode in S9.

Nicely done.

Actually one wonders if there are other ponies who could speak bird etc but do not take the time to listen, especially if they don't verbalize all that often. Being able to speak to animals would be a huge depth addition to Yona, especially because she would have to tone down her nature to do it.

Well, she was able to be gentle with the spiders. Of course it would be interesting to see a character with that talent who tended to just hang out with bigger animals like the bears and manticores. :derpytongue2:

Great story about best yak. Would love for this to be an episode of the show in Season 9. :yay:

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Awww... :twilightsmile: This was cute and fun reading. I liked it a lot!

Now this was an adorable piece of Slice of Life.

Love the explanation about how some animals convey messages via sound rather than words. A nice touch.

Thank you so much! :raritystarry:

Yeah, I figured I had to have an explanation as to why this had all never been brought to light beforehand, when Yona had obviously been exposed to animals before in the classroom. :twilightoops:

this question actualy opens a can of worms that people don't tend to realize.

if yona can speak to animals, and yona clearly being the next element of kindness the implication is that the ability is granted 'by' the element of kindness and is 'not' fluttershy's tallent
this doesnt mean that her tallent isnt animal related, perhaps careing for them is her tallent and being able ot talk to them is just iceing on the cake.
but still that then turns to the other mane 6 members...
how much of there power is 'really' theres?
how many of there acomplisments actualy come from there own effort

better hope RD never hits on this thought, the idea that the only reason she made it into the wonderbolts was because of the power granted to her by loyalty might crush her.

I don't know about that, it could be a coincidence and not so much a direct correlation. Besides, Yona isn't the only one who could represent 'Kindness'. Ocellus is a pretty good candidate for such a thing also. :applejackunsure: Additionally, Rainbow Dash was a great flyer even pre-series and pre-elements - clearing the sky in "ten seconds flat". I believe that their virtues and talents are separate things. :eeyup:

This is a good natural follow-up to Yona speaking to the spiders, and done very well. Cute happy story, and Yona was written well, which I imagine must have been its own fun little challenge.

except its been stated they were destined for the elements before they even met, the first rainboom tied them together, it is very posible the tree of harmony used a good chunk of its waneing power to pull that off

actualy one second theres a way i can setel this *checks school raze and sees what color the glow on each of htem was*

thats was unexpected
k by color matchup here, yona is honesty
sandbar is kindness
smolder is generosity
silverstream is laughter [we kinda already figured that out]
and galus of all things is bucking magic...
ocelus however her aura color is new, her color is 'white' that doesnt match to a known element...so i half wonder if the elements will manifest thru diffrent virtues for them sot he colors dont match up right...

then again white contains all other colors, maybe because shes a shapeshifter ocelus can weild any element she wants?

Could be that she's loyalty. White is the absence of all colours, which is an interesting little wrinkle given that Changelings of her ilk share love with each other, which 'purified' them (which white is normally representative of) and the love of her friends will be what sustains her.

Or it's an animation error and will be fixed at a later date.

I think the colors used for the elements in season 8 match the coat colors of their bearers instead of the color of the jewels (that's why there's no red loyalty aura or dark purple generosity aura).

So Gallus: magic (go figure)
Ocellus: generosity
Yona: honesty
Smolder: loyalty
Silverstream: laughter (a perfect fit)
Sandbar: kindness

I don't agree with most of those assignments, but that's the auras they were given.
Personally I'd make Yona kindness (talking to spiders and getting too into lessons from Iron Will parallels Fluttershy, not to mention her helping Rockhoof),
Ocellus magic (most magical of the group, and friendship/love/magic literally transmogrified her entire race, plus being the biggest nerd since s1 Twi),
Smolder honesty (the Tree's test for her showing her the value of being honest with yourself matches up with young AJ's lesson of a similar nature),
Sandbar loyalty (his test from the Tree and gambit with Neighsay were all about loyalty to his friends),
and Gallus generosity since he's probably the only griffon (outside of Gabby and maybe Gilda) with a concept for it. Could possibly argue that him helping Silverstream was giving her what she needed to help herself instead of helping directly.

Yona can help communicate with the giant pony-eating monsters, and maybe convince them not to try to eat ponies all the time.

But not the chimera. #1, they can already speak with ponies fluently. #2, they like eating ponies anyway...

That makes me wonder, does each head have a particular taste for various pony types? Do the hydra's heads, for that matter? THIS DEMANDS EXPERIMENTATION!! FOR SCIENCE!! I'm sure we can figure it out with just a few... dozen... pony 'volunteers'... :pinkiecrazy:

How did I miss this?! :pinkiegasp: Thank you very much for your kind words! :twilightsmile:

Very nice! I only wish there was more to the story.

Thank you. :twilightsmile: Happy you liked it enough that you could've read more. :raritywink:

Such a wonderful story.

:pinkiesad2: this made me cry happy tears. Yona is best young six.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:

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