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You gotta kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight.


“And you're angry, and you should be, it's not fair,/Just 'cause you can't see it, doesn't mean it, isn't there.” -Linkin Park, ‘One More Light’

After receiving a letter from Griffonstone, Gallus is found by Sandbar lying in a field and staring up at the stars. Sandbar asks if he’s okay, but the griffon is defensive. What is it that’s bothering the Gallus?

Cover art commissioned from CaptShowtime.

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This was a very sweet, heartfelt little tale. :heart:

Wow thats pretty sad and grandpa gruff is dying that sad too I know Gallus does not have a good relationship with him but sometimes you just want to see him And hes been holding that a motion for a long time at least sandbar is there to help him To get through this This was a pretty nice story

An pretty good short story, definitely very deep and heartfelt. I have to fault that end in line though, it's just way too on-the-nose for what the reader is supposed to be feeling.

This was really sweet, nice work

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