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"I just wanna let you know,/How grateful I am to you./I appreciate all the hard work,/And kindness you put into,/Dear Spike!" -The Aquabats, ‘Dear Spike!’

All of the girls have at one point or another had Spike help them. However, it seems that the little dragon's good deeds often go unnoticed. So as an act of kindness, they all write letters to Spike.

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its about time spike finally gets what he deserves; some love and appreciation :heart: the only ponies left to write him a letter is the entire crystal empire :moustache:

All the stuffs lol pinks :D :pinkiehappy:

Just some little notes:

You even invited for the Cutie Mark Crusaders...

For = no. It should be "You even invited the Cutie Mark Crusaders..." :)

You such a kind hearted, little dragon

should be "You're such a kind-hearted little dragon" or "You are such a kind-hearted little dragon". :D
Cute thingy so far! :D

:D cute! well done, Closer-to-the-Sun! :pinkiehappy:

D'awww, quite a heartwarming little piece. Good job :yay:

I wan to thank you

Rarity's letter, it should be "want" and not "wan".

You are truly are an angel.

Twilight's letter, there should be only one "are".
Besides that, nice story. Thumbs up. :twilightsmile:

The only addition I would have made , and this is only from my point of view, would
have had Twilight sign it
Twilight Sparkle (mom)

Would have liked to see a letter from Cadence.

Such as when you babysat for all of our pets while we went to the Crystal Empire. You were so thoughtful to watch over all of them.

Yeah. Thoughtful.

Most excellent. It's always nice to get such great letters from awesome friends.

I love that her intro and outro are so formal

You should do a chapter on Spike's reaction heavy on the D'awwwws

haven't read the story yet
but the title is somehow making me feel very sad and depressed
I really don't know how

4144072 I will at a later time but my feels are going out of CONTROL!!!:flutterrage::fluttercry:

4144152 also I gave you some votes gl!

4144186 your velcome!
your gonna have pardon my short messages but me and my army of elite sturmpinkies are in the midst of invading Europe

are the girls you know passed away?

4148862 They haven't passed away, they're just all writing 'thank you' letters to Spike.

4149128 oh thank goodness.
that was the reason why my emotions were out of control yesterday!

4149338 Trust me, there's no sad tag, so no worries.

4149494 if you want a very dark read you should read Whack Your Assisstant
it is very dark and gory

I don't know why but as I read this letter I cant help but think that these were written as they kicked they bucket

Ahh I see RD is still egotistical as ever:twilightsmile:

just got done reading the letters and you weren't kidding when you said they were short.
I enjoyed the letters even though my mind keep on thinking these were written for spike when he wakes up from his century long nap and everyone he has ever known (short of gods, goddess, i.e. immortals) has passed away:fluttercry:
yeah as I type this my feels are starting to go out of control
I might need either a good story or a shrink:unsuresweetie:

Ok, so I must admit, I was skeptical about a few letters telling a significant story. Boy, was I wrong. Each letter was true to the mannerisms of it's character, and it was fun to imagine the characters reading the letters aloud. All in all, well written and fun to read, and a really great idea, using letters to tell a story.

4487018 I'm really happy that you enjoyed the fic. Partly because of the mannerisms of each of them, it was really entertaining to write each letter. In fact, there is one person on youtube who did an audioplay of this story and tried his best to match the voices for each one. Anyway, thank you for checking it out!

What, no "sorry we kept leaving you out of all the fun events, like my birthday party in Canterlot, or the Dessert Competition,or any of those other things"?

Spike has a heart of gold, and that's exactly why we all love him so much! This story was really sweet and cute. I hope you'll write a reaction piece for Spike. Feels all around! This story just oozes heartwarming. :)

Rarity, you tease...

Spike rolled into the boutique," Hi Rarity, I've been seeing everypony and thanking them for the realy neat letters, I saved the best for last":moustache:
"Oh realy ? Spikey you saved the best for last!?":duck:
"Yep ! " With that said Spike rushed up and took his claws and griped Raritys cheeks and planted a deep long kiss, raritys eyes bugged out in surprize:raritystarry: Her eyes slowly closed :raritywink:
She melted in his arms "WoW!" one eye closed the other fully opened with tics flickering her lashes.
Wisps of green smoke came from her nose and ears, She continued to melt, Spike held her and cuirled into a little ball :moustache:Rarity swooned hugging him and covering the drake like a marsh mellow blanket " I lied about the some day happy somepony part "She sighed" You make me happy now my Spikey poo":duck::moustache:"Yepp!" As they both fell asleep :twilightoops::moustache::raritywink::pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::yay::ajsmug:

Okay, something I'd like to point out real quick:

Was AJ narrating this, or was she writing this? Because if she was writing, I'm pretty sure that she wouldn't put her accent into the writing. (People tend to think she would a lot, and I just thought I'd ask)

5120781 I feel like this should be a story on its own. Or a sequel of some kind.

I slightly feel like crying. Honestly, I indentify with Spike over any other character. So, to me, this was the sweetest of all of the letters. Thank you.

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