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Sequel: "Trying To Be Cool"

Spike is left to his daily tasks as Twilight Sparkle is in Canterlot on official business. This includes a visit from Rainbow Dash, who is looking for more books to read. Spike gives her some suggestions and Dash admits he knows what he's talking about. This sparks something in Rainbow's head. She slowly begins to see the small purple dragon in a new light after a number of recent events. What exactly is going on with her?

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Seven Samurai reference is always a plus!

Though the story progresses very quickly, your writing style isn't bad at all. I usually don't like chapters under 1.5k words, but you have a decent style about it so I don't mind too much. :pinkiehappy:

Huh, I didn't expect that ending (since most of your stories end the same way). Still, it's an interesting couple. Well played :moustache:

A nice end... but I still want more

I thought RD lived in Ponyville and her house was just made of clouds.:rainbowhuh:Oh well, I've been wrong before.


No, you're right. She lives on the outskirts of Ponyville in a cloud mansion. Ever since "Sonic Rainboom" aired people have been confusing her cloud house with Cloudsdale for whatever reason.

So, yeah, you should change that.

1132273 I'm not right often, but when I am it's a doozy.:ajsmug:

1132273 Eh, it's just speculation. This was written some time ago and I took some liberties. I mean, who knows, maybe she lives in the outskirts of Cloudsdale as well? xP

yeah a rainbow dash and spike fic dis gon be good :pinkiehappy: oh and i popped the comment cherry

This is great! I think Rainbow DashxSpike is a very good yet horribly unrecognised shipping, so keep it up! :rainbowlaugh::moustache:

I always thought of this situation when I think of RD and Spike - Twilight's too focused on knowledge to have 'cool books' lining up for Dashie. Heck, I'd even guess that the Daring Do series was on a list of 'recommended reading materials in the hospital'! :twilightoops:
So, a person to really enjoy the books with would be Spike - and well, he lives in the library and WOULD know other good reading materials. By the way, great puns with the book titles.

Not only that, it ALSO contains a somewhat sneaky reference to Doctor Whooves - great idea!
Also, there are some works out there, only a few hundred words long, conveying some of the purest, simplest genius pieces of writing I've ever seen.
And well, 'Closer-to-the-Sun' actually is on his way to creating such masterpieces. He's not there yet but his work is great and doesn't seem too forced (at least in this fic). At least, that's my opinion.

Maybe she has two homes? As of now we have only seen the one near Ponyville but there COULD be a home for her in Cloudsdale - I mean, she had parents who probably lived in Cloudsdale AND attended flight scholl there. As long as her parents aren't known, there are still possibilities for that. :rainbowderp:

Not quite the reaction I expected from Twilight but hey, I'm not complaining. :rainbowkiss:

Wonderful es always. I especially like the ending, your other stories feel a bit rushed especially there. This one was kind of nicely paced.


Whoa, thanks for the super kind words! I know I'm no where great yet. But still, thanks for the complement!


This is mostly speculation, as we don't know exactly where she lives (yet), but granted, I took liberties with this story (not as much as Combat Baby, though).


You could also consider her house IS a cloud, maybe it's like a Pegasus Mobile Home?

A 'Whinny'-bago, if you will :raritywink:

With that considered, Cloudsdale would be a like giant trailer park

You would think that Twilight would be a little weirded out. Spike is only about 10-13 years old, I think so anyway

Not a bad story at all. Makes me want a sequel. :duck:

Spike is well capable of love proven by his devotion not only to twilight (a friend) but to Rarity (a romantic interest) as well. I'm sure twilight sees this and accepts that spike (while a little weird to think about) has desirable traits in a mate, and would be happy that two of her best friends would find happiness together.


Yet Twilight still sees Spike as a 'baby dragon' and treats him a lot like a younger sibling rather than a 'standalone-male'. Now, I might be crazy about that, but don't you at least look out for your family? She knows of RD's recklessness and crashes all too well, so why is she 'completely' okay with it?

I'm not against the decision itself, what I found strange is how fast Twilight accepted and supported it


Any bit of writing experience helps. And don't be too modest, you earned yourself that praise :twilightsmile:

3055621 3056218 If I may throw my two bits about that, I see Twilight trusting Rainbow Dash's judgement. Sure, she's a bit....Rainbow Dash, but they are still friends, are they not?

3056335 Well, it all worked out nevertheless, did it not? Though, Dash couldn't admit it to Spike how she feels.

When your a sibling you can't help but treat your siblings the way you always have. Twilight will always see Spike as a lovable baby dragon, and it will drive Spike up the wall all the time.
Twilight is not well versed in love.
BUT, she does know that Rainbow Dash is her and Spike's friend and I think that she will think that RD would'nt do anything that would hurt Spike no matter how reckless she may get.
And lastly, Twilight loves Spike, so if he has a chance for happiness she is not going to get in his way. If things go south, however, she will be there for him at the drop of a fedora, with open forelegs.
But that's just what I think

3056396 3056427

Okay, okay. It seems I've been overruled. :twilightsheepish:

Yes, Dash is a great partner for Spike - at least in this story. However, hentaispyder - the whole reason I started this thing here was because I found Twilight a bit too understanding of the whole situation. After all, I growl at every friend my little sister has even though I know she knows what's best for her. It's a sibling thing to at least attempt to threaten a little bit. The complete lack here...well, it rubbed me the wrong way. That is and always was my only point. I still like the story quite a lot and I like how it turned out. Just this little conversation...:ajsleepy:

3057378 Well, Twi knows how Dash is, so maybe she knew it all along? Twilight's mind kinda does work on a different level than most, in my opinion. I understand where you are coming from and in retrospect, I think I could of and should of touched more on it. I apologize for that.

Being the youngest of three boys I have had an instance where my older brother watched out for me and I'm thankful, however I don't have a sister so based on my limited knowledge of women I believe Twilight would be supportive of Spike and RD and of course, rip her head off if she ever hurt Spike.
But that's what I believe.

Oh god, that conversation...I'm overwhelmed, really. I also didn't want to make the author himself doubt the story. :twilightoops:


Well...it is your story. And to be perfect, how do we know if magical talking ponies capable of flying or magic don't treat each other differently? You wrote a good story and I liked it from the beginning to the end. It seems you are 'closer to the sun' already? :twilightsheepish:

As for Twilights mind working different...well, she knows a great lot of magic and many different spells. She knows pretty much all she ever read and she still didn't reach her 'limit' of learning new things. So she can at least store information quite well - and use it readily ever after.


Believe me, even having sisters doesn't give you much insight in women, just in those you are related with.
Also, I like your beliefs of Twilight. I don't really think she would 'really' rip her head off RD's head - but a good fight or some bad ending of their friendship is sure to come. So yeah, I kind of share your believe.

3071745 Hey, I always doubt myself after I finish something, but once it's done, I can only do so much to change it. But hey, hindsight is always 20/20. Doesn't mean I can't learn from it and use it for future stuff. Besides, oneself is always one's hardest critic.

Anyway, I am glad you liked it. But also, touching on Twi being supportive but still cautious about Dash with Spike, it could be touched on later. From the reactions I've gotten, a lot of people want a sequel where Dash finally tells Spike. I can really touch more on Twi there. So time will tell.

3072006 True words I can't really add to in any way, shape or form anymore.

As for a sequel - I'd like to see the others react to the whole new relationship in their midst. Other than maybe a conflicting love-interest, those little things aren't shown too often. Also, you can have a lot of fun when Twilight is freaking out about RD's and Spikes relationship even after giving them her thumbs...err hooves-up? Just think of Lesson Zero...:pinkiecrazy:

3073271 Yeah, the sequel idea could be real fun with Dash and Spike with everypony's opinions, reactions and what not. Maybe it'll happen. I did make a sequel to a one-shot with Big Mac and Rainbow Dash that people really enjoyed.

3073727 Curse my mind (and the time, it's like 2 AM here) but there is so much stuff you could write about - what if one of the others think that Spike would take any mare because he can't be with Rarity?
What if Pinkie Pie tries to throw them a surprise party at the exact moment they try to be romantic (or even uh...physical in their relationship)?
What if Rainbow Dash gets a lot of flak because Spike is younger than her? Or because her reputation of being a cool bad'flank' comes to bite her in the ass?
Or there could be some scorned love-struck pegasi who want another go with Dash and Spike is in the way? You could even bring back the other dragon-youths and have them judge Spike because of Dash...

...so much ideas to write down and I'm unable to write my own stories :ajsleepy:
Ah well, to each his own I suppose? :applejackunsure:

3074104 Plenty of great ideas, but Dashie is going to have to admit to Spike before anything like that can happen.

And I completely know where you are coming from. I have too many stories, fan-fics and my own works, that I can barely get anything written. Well, hooves crossed that the sequel happens and my muses work with me.

3074256 That...is true as well. And Rainbow 'Swag' Dash admitting something that could be considered weak, or leave her looking bad? Well, it sounds like a tough decision to me. (Not really but I'm a hopeless romantic so my worldview is twisted slightly in these cases)

Well...you can always ask around for writers that might help you with the sequel? Not me, I'm terrible at writing stories (even with other people around) but you know...just the idea of a second author you don't want to make mad/sad/annoyed might push you and your muses forward with a story.

3080288 Well, admitting will put Dash in a compromising situation and make it interesting. That's part of the fun of fan-fics, making stories interesting, putting characters in unique situations and seeing how they react.

Well, I pitched one idea to a friend who is more likely to do well with the story than I (the story is more in his specialty than mine). And with my muses, it's a love/hate relationship. Sometimes they work wonderfully with me (like with 'Space Oddity', 'Be Strong Now', 'Prolonging The Magic', 'Dear Spike!'). But other times, they curse me ('Love Spreads', 'Cough Syrup', 'Go!',). But then again, this is just my opinion of what I wrote.

Yet, she did not any of them.

You accidentally a word here...

3749653 Wow, I really accidentally a word there hard. Fixed, and thank you for point it out.

Rather short chapters. But definitely a good plot. I recommend expanding this. make more details. slow down the progression. If possible. The story is good so far but the progression is a bit too fast. Nonetheless, thumbs up (b^^)b

This is AWEFULLY quick to progress. It's putting me off a bit now. Still a good story. just progressing way too quickly. I'm too used to 70+ chapter stories with 10-30x this many words per chapter!:rainbowlaugh::twilightblush:

2315117 "Whinny-bago"

That was so funny i forgot to laugh.

sorry had to point that out. gotta love the pony puns. and that was a rather clever one lol

3930936 Slow stories aren't my cup of tea. I like to dive right in, I guess. I'm more for having it just get into it. Simply said, I have a weird writing style, as well as everything else about my writing.

Ehh I'll respect that. Quick as the story was, i still enjoyed it. ^^

3946845 Glad you enjoyed it. There is a sequel, you know.

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