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It's Hearts and Hooves Day in Ponyville, feeling alone without a date you are surprised when a cute yak catches your eye.

Cute fluff ahead.

Made Popular 10/30/18

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We need moar Yona stories!

Very nice. Love the cover art. You need to fix those tense issues though. The story keeps bouncing from present to past and then back again. Pick one, then stick to it. (I'd suggest present). Also, add the human tag, for search purposes. (Not everyone will search 'Anon' when looking for 'human' fics.)

And yes, you can add this to the 'You and Your Waifu' group. My aim is to have none of the folders be empty, and you just vouched for the Yaks. :yay:

R.I.P. Bench

Fixed the tense thing, what I could spot.

Added human tag as well.

Thank you so much!


It shall be missed.

Soo adorable

Yona best yak.

Yak is always best, Yak is best pony!

Yak so best, yak doen't even have to be pony!

I need more Yona in my life. My heart!

this being almost 5 years old now feels incredibly wrong

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