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Misty Dolphin

I joined the fandom sometime between seasons 3 and 4. An online friend actually got me started, and i havent looked back since.


A lone changeling finds a new place to belong.

(I haven't given up on this story. I've just hit a bit of a slump. I just need to clear my head and rethink this story a bit. I promise it will continue when I am able)

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Nice story, I hope you continue it


Thanks, I'll do my best. If it does well, I may consider a prequel with her early days in Ponyville.

I just got an idea, perhaps for some reason Bella has trouble changing into a reformed changelings, could be interesting, what are your thoughts


Thanks for the input, I may just go with it. I'm always open to suggestions. I will try to get a new chapter out each month.

Ok, to give people an idea how our whole editing process'll work: I create a rough draft of the chapter, basicly an outline of how things'll go. I create the dialogue to the best of my ability, which lets be honest, isn't that good if you've seen my other stories. I then send it to him, he makes some tweaks, adds more detail, helps things flow better. To give an example: Chrysalis' speech is like 50-75% my work, word for word. The dialogue itself is mostly mine, but he changed the wording slightly and added extra details to give it more flair. Which I think turned out even better thanks to him. Another example, the first chapter was barely over 1000 words in the first draft. When he was done with it, it was nearly 2000.

Oops. :twilightsheepish: Guess Thorax doesn't know his new strength yet. That might make things a little awkward when she wakes up. Great story so far; I'm looking forward to chapter 2. I'm also writing a story about a changeling. It takes place a few weeks after the invasion of Canterlot. If you get a chance to read it, let me know what you think.


Yeah, my new editor added that bit in, I may run with it. Sounds cool, I'll check it out. I should have a rough draft to send my editor by the start of next month.

So, I’m a little unsure what to say. This might be an interesting story of how a changeling could survive without her hive (with some romance bits thrown in), or so it seems. To put it simply, the chapter is very hard to follow. Its pace is too fast to allow the reader to enjoy the story, then you inconsistently jump between past and present tenses (use just one) and the way especially the beginning sounds seems as if you cannot decide for whom this story is supposed to be. People who have never seen the show and need lots of exposition or regular fans?

It is great to see you have sought the help of an editor, though while they may be good in certain field of editing, there are apparently other issues they omit. Which is possible, some editors focus only on certain aspects of the story. I believe you both are working really hard on this, just know that there are certain aspects that still need polishing. I apologize for sounding so negative, but I cannot sugarcoat this with good conscience.


No worries. It's certainly more constructive than some criticism I've gotten in the past. I'll admit the beginning's a little exposition heavy, more my editor's doing than mine. I'll see if we can streamline it a bit in the future.

I’m looking forward to what you can come up with! Oh, and should you need any advice, feel free to contact me. I have over fifty fully edited stories under my belt, so I think I can say I have some experience.

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So, I happened to notice that you were a newer member of the Authors Helping Authors group and on a whim decided, what the heck, let's check out their latest story. And here I am!

This story seems like it has the potential to be pretty good if handled carefully. I like the premise so far. Now, I'm looking through the comments and see that you don't think you're a very good writer, and have an editor cleaning it up for you. Let's look at the story and see if we can give you some pointers at improving your craft, shall we?

The whispering and occasional quick glance could be observed from the many residents of Ponyville. Why do you ask? Well, today the newly crowned monarch of the changelings decided to visit his very first friend. King Thorax walks behind the much shorter Spike the Dragon as they pass building after building.

First off, what the hay is this? Are you actually talking to me right now? Well, I didn't ask why so this came across as very silly. This opening paragraph is a prime example of what I want to talk about.

When you start a story, the single most important thing you need to decide is who's POV the story will be, and then sticking with it throughout the entire story. Never should it feel like the narrator is talking to the audience, it all needs to be told through your POV character's eyes, thoughts, and emotions. It gets very confusing toward the end of the first section because the POV jumps between all three characters. I think that's what EverfreePony means when they say that the story is hard to follow. Yes, it is a bit fast paced, but it's the POV jumping that makes it jarring. Pick one character (in my opinion, Thorax is the best choice), and then focus on telling the story from his point of view, and only his. If you want Bella to be shocked at seeing him, then you have to convey that through facial expression and body language. If you start doing this, you will find that the story will change dramatically, and the added details you will be including will help ease the fast pacing of the story. I hope that this helps, and that you will consider re-writing this with a set POV in mind, as it will help not only this chapter, but future chapters as well.

9526106 I just felt the need to point out that the author has written this story in present tense, which is fine (it annoys me personally, but there's nothing actually wrong with it). The part that is in the past tense is the first paragraph, which I've already stated above desperately needs to be re-worked. And this:

It has been just a week since the Changelings had been liberated from their tyrant Queen Chrysalis, and as a new ruler, Thorax is tasked with finding ways to improve his citizen's lives, which proved difficult. While many were overjoyed to be free of their species' constant hunger, many were still adjusting to the lack of wings or horn. Back when they looked the same they had both, but now each ling now had differently colored features that varied. He had undergone the most severe changes as he was now twice as tall with orange antlers adorning his head.

This is all talking about the past, so it's fine for it to be in past tense. With the exception of this paragraph, the whole story is in present tense, so I'd say that the story's tense is perfectly fine. I agree with all your other points, however, and hope that the author will take the time to fix this. If they do, I'll definitely follow this story.

Greetings, it is always nice to meet a fellow person willing to sacrifice his free time to help others. However, I feel the need to say a few things. First and foremost, the problematic tenses.

With the exception of this paragraph, the whole story is in present tense, so I'd say that the story's tense is perfectly fine.

Even the part you have quoted jumps to present tense in one spot. And furthermore, if you just skim through the chapter, you can find many more bits in past tense scattered here and there. Here are a few examples that I’ve managed to find in just a few minutes. Past tense is in bold.

Out comes a midnight blue pegasus with a yellow mane and a small paper bag on her back. Thorax couldn't believe his eyes.

It must have been at least a few years, but he knew that disguise anywhere. It was unmistakable, it had to be her.

asks the purple dragon , who could only watch. His friend looked like he had seen a ghost or something.

she briefly apologized, as she reached her hoof toward the floating bag.

But he knew rather blatantly that he stood even less of a chance against the Queen.

I shall deal with her later, myself." she ordered.

While Bella was blacked out, Thorax remembers it all too clearly.

The walk was agonizing as he had to walk hallway after hallway down to the lower part of Chrysalis' hive.

Thorax runs out in complete shock, his destination was the throne room. Just as the doors came into view, he halted to a stop with tears running down his face.

Now, some of these might be a little dubious, notably the could/couldn’t bits, but another few are clear as day. I agree that present tense is the dominant one in this story, but the mixed up tenses are really an issue that spans the whole chapter and needs to be dealt with.

And now on to the POV and narrator bits.

it all needs to be told through your POV character's eyes, thoughts, and emotions. It gets very confusing toward the end of the first section because the POV jumps between all three characters.

Pick one character (in my opinion, Thorax is the best choice), and then focus on telling the story from his point of view, and only his.

Actually, the POV of the chapter is fine. Many spots make it clear that this story is told from the third person point of view of an omniscient narrator that’s not a character in the story. In other words, not every POV is bound to be told from the viewpoint of a character. Furthermore, Misty Dolphin seems to have avoided mixing focus on individual characters in individual paragraphs, which might be considered a POV issue otherwise. So, all good here.

Never should it feel like the narrator is talking to the audience,

Never say never is a good rule of thumb here, especially when giving advice. The narrator interacting with the reader is a trope that has been used for a few centuries now and, if done correctly, it can help immerse the reader in the story. However, it cannot be done in every story and also has to be done more than once in the story for it to really work. And that’s where the issue of this story lies.

I really appreciate the fact that you took your time to help a stranger, and I’m sure the author will be glad as well. You are throwing darts in the right direction with your advice, but... well, not all of them have managed to hit the target as of yet. Should you want to talk more about anything writing-wise, I’ll gladly partake in that discussion. Haven’t met someone more familiar with the craft’s finer technical details in a while :twilightsmile:


I appreciate the input. As stated before, I'm not all that good at going into much detail. Most of it is from my editor's work. Trust me, you don't even want to know how bad chapter 1 was before my editor literally came to me out of nowhere. Anyone who read the earliest version can atest to that. XD

I'll see what I can do, but with my original editor MIA, and trying to work things out with my new one to get chapter 2 out, it may take some time.


Nice to have someone seeing the positives.:twilightsmile:

Nice second chapter and redo of first one.
Keep writing man, you can do it👍


I'll do my best, thanks for the support.:twilightsmile:

Not bad, definitely far better in sense of atmosphere and pacing that the previous chapter, or at least its pre-rewite version. Though it still containst a plenty of grammatical errors, with the chase after Bella feeling really rushed. Still, it's a huge improvement :pinkiesmile:


Glad to hear I'm at least getting better. we'll try to keep it up. :twilightsmile:

Next chapter's been sent to my editor, should be ready soon.

So, there's been a slight delay. My second editor is rather busy with his own story, and can no longer help me out with this story. We parted on good terms, and I don't hold it against him. However, this does mean I need a new editor/cowriter. I have found someone, and we are currently ironing things out. Tldr: chapter 3 may take a wee bit longer than I thought. But I'll try to get it out when I can.

There is a 'g' missing at the end of Black changelin.

A thought. What if the kind mare is Derry Hooves?:derpyderp1: That would be nice

This story is not dead, yet. I've just been a little busy to work on it. Plus, I want this to turn out right. I don't want to rush things. Thank you for your patience.

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