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Misty Dolphin

I joined the fandom sometime between seasons 3 and 4. An online friend actually got me started, and i havent looked back since.


Princess Luna did a lot of things as Nightmare Moon, but one in particular still haunts her to this day. The one pony she feels she betrayed more than any other disappeared without a trace. She will never forgive herself until she is found.

Based off an oc created by lavawolf. (used with his permission of course)

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I honestly hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it. A few side notes: first, during the rp, Lavawolf played Harmony, while I played Luna, and on occasion Celestia. Second, the rp actually started after Luna returned to normal, but I thought it'd be fun to give a little look back into their relationship before the Nightmare moon incident. And third, for anyone wondering why Harmony has zebra stripes, I asked him the same thing recently. He says it is because of her strong connection with nature.

Best. Oc design. Ever

Comment posted by Misty Dolphin deleted Sep 23rd, 2014

5045063 Again, all Lavawolf's. I just used th image he used when first introducing her. I'll ask where he got it sometime. :twilightsmile:

5045063 I wonder what went through General Zoi's head when they decided to include those fucking lines in the options of the OC maker.

What about those wings?

5045309 Fuck, I didn't even notice those. Christ, it sticks out more now that I know about it.

Guess that answers that then. Now that I have this out, I'll be alternating between putting chapters out for this and the mystical night saga. I won't give too much away, but I do have big plans for both later on. :raritywink:

Ok, ran my ideas so far past lavawolf and he approved, so things will go as planned, with only minor alterations. :twilightsmile:

I'll get started on chapter 2 very soon. I promise it'll be ready before long. :twilightsmile:

You guys want to know something messed up? I'd used this title, not realizing there was already a story with that name. sure it involves different characters, but oops! :twilightoops: I honestly had no idea, the title just made the most sense to me.:facehoof:

Chapter 2 is coming nicely. Lavawolf and I are trying the same method Reliuskaiser and I do with Mystical Night Saga, so things should be moving more smoothly.

:derpytongue2: hi iam mistydolphin's co writer and owner of the harmony oc:derpytongue2:

Glad to have you, lavawolf. I will add that he is working on a sttory of his own involving her. It's actually a sequel to thiis, so it'd make more sense to read this first. :raritywink:

seems lavawolf is having trouble posting his story. that stinks.:pinkiesad2:

5192516 That cover art alone is going to garner you downvotes, bub. You're doing something wrong, if the downvote/upvote ratio wasn't a big enough hint.

Well I appreciate the input. :pinkiecrazy: It would help if those that don't like it, actually tried explaining why, but theyve been silent so far.

5192818 because people would rather Down vote than open their mout

Fair point. That's their problem then.

5192901 it always has and will be:derpytongue2:

I found someone nice enough to help with editing. Hopefully tbings will be going better.:twilightsheepish:

5194376 If you need a second editor/proofreader to help I'm in! If you take me then us two editors can go over it with a fine-toothed comb and make it perfect!

Comment posted by Misty Dolphin deleted Nov 20th, 2014

5292731 Sweet!! Get ready for an error free story with the two of us!

Comment posted by Misty Dolphin deleted Feb 6th, 2015
Comment posted by sexypup314 deleted Mar 23rd, 2015
Comment posted by Misty Dolphin deleted Mar 15th, 2015

Story is still on. my co writer is just having a tough time lately. long story. hes assured me we WWILL continuee.


dont worry, im writing it as we speak.

and ladies and gents, say hellotomy coariters latest persona.:pinkiecrazy:

My co writer has both quit, and dumped me. And looks like hes not coming backthis time. Im not canceling the story this time. He didnt say I couldnt continue writing this, so thats what im gonna do. Ill domy best to keep it true to his oc.

my cowriter isnt talking to me. for some reason he wont say. so until further notice, this storys on hiatus.:pinkiesad2:

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