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Comedies. I like those. Also, heartwarmers. Give those to me. Now.


BUENO · 7:42pm Mar 8th, 2012

Guess who's back in action.

I've had some crap going on, most of it having to do with my university work. Being a crafty fellow, I've set in motion a plan that carefully accounted for the amount of lectures I can allow myself to not attend, possible random happenings and flat-out failures on my part.
The best thing?
Everything went more than smoothly.

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Will you please check out my story and proofread it.? I need help badly. 2 other proofreaders had turned it down. and i don't know what mistakes i've made. I need text.glitter-graphics.net/flip/h.gif text.glitter-graphics.net/flip/e.gif text.glitter-graphics.net/flip/l.gif text.glitter-graphics.net/flip/p.gif dl3.glitter-graphics.net/empty.gif !

HEEELLLLLLPPPPPPP!!!!!!. I'm writing a crossover fanfic, and i need a proofreader. I know i've made some mistakes but i don't know what they are, and the ones i think are mistakes i'm not entirely sure. Would you please help me with mys story 6.7.11? Please Please Please?:fluttercry:

I read your My little Crull and I have to say it is freaking genius!! You have to write more!

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