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...I like talking about myself. On the Internet, at least; I'm much quieter in reality. This is a very strange revelation for me.

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Does editing the comment a whole bunch of times to add in more 3edgy5me make you feel special?

Just keep the shock value stuff off T-rated stories, literally all that's required for an amicable compromise here. Don't understand why we have to escalate to death threats over that.


I thought you said you were done here? If you really didn't care about what others thought, then why do you keep defending yourself? I'm just some worthless nobody that's completely unimportant in the face of your grand wonderful majesty, so you should really just ignore me, right? And, while you're at it, ignore everyone else in the site. Why don't you just go to as many message boards and comment sections as possible and triumphantly spam your opinions of the world, for you know your opinion is perfect and no-one is fit to challenge it, and don't defend yourself because you're too great to have to care?

A very childish way of thinking. You're not special. The world is a gigantic place full of billions of souls, some of whom are much more dangerous than you could ever be. If you want to 'fight the world,' as you say, then you should be setting your gaze on something way more influential than sitting at a computer typing rude, childish things into a website about ponies. That's not fighting the world, that's being an immature twat.

...you're one persistent bastard, you know that?

I'm not the only person that has problems with you-- as evidenced by that one comment you made that got 9 dislikes. Yeah, I can block you and never have to deal with it again, but I can't make anyone else block you, either. And, from experience, I know there's plenty of people who'd never think to do so.

That's why I don't block you. I want to try to convince you ahead of time, so that no-one else has to deal with problems relating to you.

I suppose you have a point, though... stubbornly trying to defend your posts after a lot of different people call them out, going back on your word, chasing people into their user pages, threatening a moderator... it's clear you're too deep in the hole to rescue. Maybe I really shouldn't try.

  • Viewing 32 - 36 of 36
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