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Hey there, just your average pony fan and purveyor of pony pudginess from the UK here! I occasionally do small stories of pones getting rather large, so stick around and ya might see some haha!


Birthday! (And the end of FIM?) · 6:36am Oct 15th, 2019

...Was yesterday! XD Forgot to check in here, oops.

I'm 26 now, I feel ooolllld.

Also, seems Friendship is Magic finally ended after almost a decade of pony fun. Holy hell l, I remember being super into the show back in 2011-2012 but interest in it gradually wained over time. Still loved the characters even if I stopped watching it almost completely back in 2016, sporadically watching eps every now and then still.

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Up and Coming · 4:03pm Sep 30th, 2019

So uh, I opened writing requests over on DeviantArt and two of them are MLP related.

Sssssoooooo you may find some BIG PONE posted around here once more soon. One anthro, one not, both sharing a theme of immense hugeness.

I kinda feel like nothing I ever do will ever top the Celestia megablob story that many consider my masterpiece, but ah well, I wanted to get back on my bullshit :V

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In Which I Explain Myself · 6:50am Feb 28th, 2019

Hey uh, back again.

Kinda fell out of love with MLP for quuuiiiiiite a while for various reasons, lost will to write as well. ^^; Haven't logged in here for months.

I'm still around and alive, and am gonna try and keep it that way here. :V

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The Actual Return · 5:57am Jun 3rd, 2018

Yeah I know i said I was back before but besides finger injury which has since healed, my health took a bit of a dive and I became immensely disinterested in MLP for months, Instill haven't watched anything since like, half way through season 4?

I'm trying to get back into it, and writing, too. I know my constant disapparances are probably annoying as hell ^.^;

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Back to it · 7:18am Mar 11th, 2018

That story is still in progress, just taking it slow as this finger injury makes it hard to type ewe

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Ouch · 8:08am Jan 23rd, 2018

Been both ill and im hospital with a mangled finger due to cutting it open accidentally ewe; back now!

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Current Project · 7:05am Dec 11th, 2017

Decided I'd do a fic of short, self-contained Mane 6 fatness short stories, uncreatively called Gain 6.

I'm on a 2 week course right now and am ill as fudge but I started it :V

Expect embiggened ponies.

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Sorry · 8:00am Dec 6th, 2017

Life's been quite crap for the past few months, lost my job, lost my volunteer job and now I'm quite ill with some mystery throat issues.

Still alive though ^^;

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Still Alive! · 8:55am Aug 12th, 2017

Just very, very busy with work ewe I'll be quite honest and say my drive to create pony content has sharply dropped to point where I just, haven't, for months now.

I do still like it! I just, have no drive to churn any fatpone out ewe Between juggling DA and FA accounts (I've hard writer's block on those too), work shifts being odd hours and general laziness and illness I have trouble writing ;w;

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Movie? · 6:49am Jul 20th, 2017

Anyone looking forward to the upcoming MLP movie? ovo

It looks cool to me!

Plus all them new characters to fatten up >w>

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