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Hey there, just your average pony fan and purveyor of pony pudginess from the UK here! I occasionally do small stories of pones getting rather large, so stick around and ya might see some haha!

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I've not been here for a while and haven't been able to write for a while, so I may be rather rusty haha.

Here's a story of something weird, namely some pony toys causing humans to transform into ponies. This story of course contains transformation, some swearing, and likely slipped standards from me. XD

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A drought of interesting, exercise laden event and activities has lead to the rainbow maned blur slacking off, and, naturally, putting on more than her fair share of weight. She also realises that she kind of likes said weight, and then things get kind of really blobby really fast.

Contains weight gain and some minor slobbiness, and by weight gain I mean colossal mound of pony blubber. >w> Tagging for sex just to be
safe, none appears though.

This is probably nowhere near as good as my other stories so far, I've been quite busy and my writing isn't up to its usual par, but I hope its at least fairly entertaining, if a bit abrupt towards the end. XD

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Another example of writing involves excessive amounts of pony pudge.

Pinkie and Luna go to Canterlot and the party pony ends up getting more than a bit pudgy.

Contains stuffing and mega level WG!

Tagged for sex, none actually happens in the story but it seems that most fetishy stories need it regardless of content >w>

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A long story I did about a year or so ago, and what I consider something I'll likely never top in terms of sheer size, but I'm very proud of this, and hope everyone likes it too.

Celestia visits a far away part of Equestria for some celebrations, and things take an interesting, and weighty turn...

Contains stuffing and very extreme WG!

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Applejack's daily manning of the cider stand gets interesting when the resident town drunk turns up for her daily fix, and seems to be larger than life more so than usual...

Contains stuffing, fatness, and drunken silliness!

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