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Baron Von Clop

Dumb gay retired writer. Used to run Neighvada Nights and BronyCon panels or something.


Hello! I'm Baron Von Clop, and once upon a time I was active in the brony fandom. I did the following things in this silly horse fandom:

+ Founder of Neighvada Nights MUCK
+ Panelist at Bronycon (storyteller at the Laws of Friendship LARP, 2013-2016)
+ Author of many fat pone stories
+ Story editor (several of which have gone on to be featured on EqD, most notably this)
+ "Expert" level editor in The Proofreader Group
+ Co-founder of My Not-So-Little Pony
+ Founder of #fatpone on Canternet
+ Maintainer of the /mlp/ (/trash/) Fat Pony Pastebin
+ Editor at Ponychan's Training Grounds
+ Founder of #PudgyPony on Ponychat IRC


I am effectively retired from the brony fandom as of October 4th, 2016. All of my stories should be considered permanently cancelled.

If you wish to contact me, stay in touch, or ask any questions, please do so in the following places:

Discord: Morgana#1080

Twitter: @BaronVonKlop

FurAffinity: Baronvonclop

See the below blog post for more info.


Retirement. · 11:12am Oct 4th, 2016

Hey all,

The time has finally come that I think it's time to admit that I have zero interest in pony anymore. I forced myself to regain an interest after the last Bronycon, and cranked out a second chapter to Dinin' Dash (along with an unreleased chapter of a new fic), tried getting back into the show, tried getting back into roleplaying and writing, but... it isn't working. I just don't have an interest.

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hi hello · 12:11am Jan 30th, 2017

Just wanted to let people know that if you are also interested in fat things getting fatter that aren't ponies, I am now actively writing elsewhere as of 2017. New Year's Resolution and all that happy horseshit.

You can check out my latest work on FurAffinity, deviantArt, or my personal website, baronvonclop.info.

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Glowing reviews of my stories from FiMFiction users:

"Eugh that's making my stomach turn" - Alexstrazsa, after submitting Blood Diamonds to EQAD.

"Boy this thing needs help." - TacticalRainboom, after being asked to review Let The Rumors Fly.

"yea this story needs a comedy tag all right... because it's funny how fuckin bad it is. *farts*" - Poultron, on Sexty Minute Stories.

"I felt disgusted whilst reading this." - Frizzy, on Soft Spot.

"God dammit I don't know what to say to this." - IraqLobster, on Soft Spot.

"My fetish? My fetish is gay clopfics." - Cosmic_Guardian, on Applesnacks after being told what foodplay means.

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I still poke in from time to time. I no longer participate in the fandom, though.

Aw, ya'll fall off the face of the planet? Always sad when that sort of thing happens.

Thanks for the follow dude! ^.^


Thank you. I appreciate it. I'll be honest, I don't know when the next chapter of Broken Scale will be, but I'm working on other stuff in the meantime.

I hope to see the next chapter of Broken Scale in the near future. I don't want to rush it but your writing is really good :).

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