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Dumb gay retired writer. Used to run Neighvada Nights and BronyCon panels or something.

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Retirement. · 11:12am Oct 4th, 2016

Hey all,

The time has finally come that I think it's time to admit that I have zero interest in pony anymore. I forced myself to regain an interest after the last Bronycon, and cranked out a second chapter to Dinin' Dash (along with an unreleased chapter of a new fic), tried getting back into the show, tried getting back into roleplaying and writing, but... it isn't working. I just don't have an interest.

I've been actively participating in the brony fandom for about five and a half years now, and simply put, my interest has waned. I'm not enjoying the show (this isn't a criticism about the show and I do not want it taken that way) as much as I used to, reading fics just can't capture my attention like non-pony media does, and a lot of brony communities have rubbed me the wrong way to the point that the only one I even try chatting on is Neighvada Nights.

That said, I do legitimately feel bad about stringing people along. One of the things I absolutely HATE about reading other people's fics is when they just disappear and never update their shit. That was one of the major things that drove me away from reading fic; about 95% of my "favorited" stories on FiMFiction have gone un-updated and uncompleted for 3+ years. So, at this point, I'll just be honest: I should be considered retired from the brony fandom. Until further notice (or permanently), I will no longer be actively working on my MLP fics, or be attending Bronycon.

However, it isn't all doom and gloom. Those who follow me may notice that a new story has popped up in my list: No Sleep 'Till Baltimare. This is a compilation of unreleased and unfinished fics that I always promised I would write, but never finished, or simply lost interest in finishing. This includes the unfinished Chapter 3 of Broken Scale, the first chapter of the new fic I was working on, and a few other scraps. Take a look if you want. Or don't! That's fine too.

Those of you who wish to stay in contact with me may reach me via Discord (Morgana#1080) or Twitter (@BaronVonKlop). Additionally, at this point, for those who are members, nothing is changing on Neighvada Nights MUCK. I may not have any interest in continuing my pony stories, bu I am still invested in the NvN community, and nothing is closing, nor am I retiring from my position as lead admin there.

And finally, a sincere thank you to everyone I've met who has read my stories the past five years. It's been a fucking wild ride, all the way from the day I first posted my stories, to the day I had people seeing my name in person at Bronycon and telling me they were a fan. I always loved reading your comments and chatting about writing. Even though I won't be writing anymore, or really participating in the brony fandom at all, I've made a lot of friends I will be in touch with regardless of fandom.

So long and thanks for all the fish,

Baron Von Clop

P.S. I'll answer any questions/comments for a few days, so feel free to leave messages.

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Comments ( 9 )

I guess ill be the first to effectively say "fare thee well" You shall be missed by many in the brony community, including myself.

RIP in spaghetti, never forghetti. Sad to see you go, but you're doing the right thing for yourself ^^

That's a real shame, I was hoping to see some more great works from you :(

But it's your decision and I respect it. Good luck in whatever you proceed to do in life! :yay:

Hopefully a writing career because you're good at it

Sorry to hear, but I've been expecting this for a while. Best of luck in your future endeavors!

Gonna miss your writing. Whichever way the wind takes you I wish you the best of luck.

We'll miss you, but hopefully you'll continue to write.


It's possible. I'm on FurAffinity as BaronVonClop and I occasionally do furry stuff that is public. Maybe I'll do some more.


Haha, I doubt it. I'm a semester away from finishing my degree in Computer Science though, so I'll be "writing" in that way, I guess.

It was a pleasure having you in the community for as long as we had you.

I'd like your permission to continue Soft Spot if you don't mind. I don't know if I'll actually begin writing for it, but I know for a fact it feels like a wrong to let one of my favorite works of fiction end so abruptly without at least giving my own honest shot at continuing it.


Depends on how you intend to continue it, I suppose. Let me know what your ideas are and I very well might.

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