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Rainbow Dash takes an impromptu eating contest a little too seriously.

This story is cancelled as of 10/4/16. See my blog post for more info.

Fetish Warning: absolutely blatant weight gain/stuffing fetish story. Not much plot.

Chapters one and two edited by Abubble1234 and Not Worthy. You da real MVPs.

Cover art by a fan who wished to stay anonymous. Used with permission.

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As of 5/31/12, I will no longer be writing this story. This was my first ever attempt at fanfiction ever and I've learned so much since I ever started it that I won't come back to it.

Being a popular fashion figure, Rarity had dated many stallions of high class and fat wallets. Why, then, did she always find her dates repulsive for one reason or another? No stallion could ever touch her heart, let alone become a significant other.

There were always rumors about famous ponies, especially when it came to things like promiscuity and sexual preference, but Rarity had the most fuel on the fillyfooler fire rumor mill. Not only was she famously awful at romance with stallions, she worked exclusively in female fashion and was a member of the all-female Elements of Harmony.

The fashionista had always dismissed such silly rumors. When she really thought about it, though, maybe there was a reason she was always so bad around stallions and so comfortable around mares. And just maybe those feelings about a particular yellow pegasus during her short modeling career were more than just petty jealousy...

Shameless Rarity/Fluttershy shipfic. No clop.

Cover image is by cactussnake, found on Ponibooru. Not mine.

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