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Rainbow Dash takes an impromptu eating contest a little too seriously.

This story is cancelled as of 10/4/16. See my blog post for more info.

Fetish Warning: absolutely blatant weight gain/stuffing fetish story. Not much plot.

Chapters one and two edited by Abubble1234 and Not Worthy. You da real MVPs.

Cover art by a fan who wished to stay anonymous. Used with permission.

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The Baron of fat pone is back!
Loving it so far, thanks!


This is utterly fantastic. I think it's wholly unnecessary to say 'MOAR' since I'm pretty sure you know that already.

Fantastic so far!


Next chapter!


I'm back, baby.



*crosses fingers for immobility*

Can't wait for an update

7112266 If I remember correctly you left fim fic for a while, I loved your stories back then. My favorite of your stories was FO:E broken scale, are you planning on a continuation of that story? I must say it was as hot. Tons of ponies locked in a place, in a competition to get as obese as possible? Wish that were my world. I might have a chance against that fat bitch (what was her name again). Great job on this story by the way! I can't wait for the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

there's only one way this can end.

Well this is an unexpected surprise! The plot thickens! Pun unfortunately intended!

Applejack had, simply put, eaten herself huge in the past three weeks

“Way back two weeks ago, these two ponies had a battle to-”

Just something I noticed lol


Is that so? I felt like this is one of the weaker things I've written in a while, so I wasn't sure. :K



Really liking this so far! I love how Applejack has gotten so much bigger than Dash, and how both of them no doubt will continue to grow~

When will you be able to finish this?

I gotta say, I really enjoyed this one very much, and I really hope you find the time to add more chapters to it!
I loved the generous details and deacription of each and every action, keeping a good balance with the pace of the scenes.
I'm happy that the narration focused on Dash, even in the copetition chapter, as the story automatically made AJ the antagonist.
A bit of Flutterdash could be spotted or hoped for, which was very much welcome.
The choice of Dash being fattened at a slow and realistic pace, made it fine into the story, as I've seen too many ultra-overexaggerated weight gains (also, myself being a fan of slow-paced, tame chubbiness; tending to dislike fat rings, but round shapes with only slight folds - exactly as Dash was portrayed).
Of course, this may come up to preference, but I have to express what made it good for me.
A bit of over-forcefeeding is always welcome, and I'm not saying that I wouldn't enjoy some extreme bloating / fattening in later chapters; I just really hope you do more :3

Thank you for being awesome, and keep up the good work!


How the hell can it be cancelled? Was there going to be more!?

I thought what we got was the whole story!


No, there were several more chapters planned. You can see what was finished of chapter 3 in this story.

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