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In real life, if you eat too much, you feel all queasy and nasty.

Not so here! Here, overeating is rewarded with a bulging belly and a satisfying feeling of fullness. And, if there is any discomfort, it's nothing a nice belly rub from a good friend can't fix.

Welcome to Stuffing for Fun and Profit, a SFW group for stories about the joy of overeating. Be it for fun or profit, because it tastes good or to win a bet or contest; if the main character should have stopped three plates ago, it belongs here. Ponies, humans, and everything in between are welcome. So grab a chair and another plate! There's plenty!

A couple story guidelines:

  • Everything is safe for work here. That may not mean safe for buttons or belt buckles, though!
  • No stories with forcing or coercion allowed! Food is meant to be enjoyed.
  • This group is all about eating food. Semi-related fetishes like water or air inflation or messy eating aren't included.
  • Weight gain is part of the stuffing package, and while bigger bellies are better bellies, stories focused only on that (for example, stories with magic potions designed solely to blobify a pony) aren't included, either.
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