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Liquid Savage

A guy who writes about fat horse, among other things. If that's not your thing, no one's stopping you from looking someplace else.


Starlight Glimmer needs a quicker way to get through her books...but sometimes the quickest way isn't always the best way.

Finally, something new! I know it's been too long, but I had this silly idea in my head for a while and I just had to get it out.
Just something silly I wrote for myself and for anyone who enjoys a bit of Cellulite Glimmer.


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Very creative and enjoyable. :twilightsmile:

Not too keen on Twilight "Owning" Spike but it was a cute story

I couldn't think of a better term honestly :twilightblush:

This was so neat! Good work!

What a fun way to get back into things. Very creative indeed, I likey.

Yeah...yeah that works

Thank you! :yay:

Thanks much! Feels good to be back!

just as Twilight was beginning


Edited, thank you kindly!

*winces* Yikes.

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