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Liquid Savage

A guy who writes about fat horse, among other things. If that's not your thing, no one's stopping you from looking someplace else.


Princess Cadence is having some trouble putting together the best Hearts and Hooves Day celebration the Crystal Empire has ever seen. But when a local she's never seen before offers her help, she doesn't see the harm in taking it...

Just a silly thing for Valentine's I had in my head for the past month. Hope you enjoy!

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Comments ( 9 )

Weight gain AND inflation you say? Well, sign me up!

I hope it's to your liking!

But does Cadance need a credit card to ride on the Crystal Empire Express? That’s the real Power of Love.

Kidding aside, I love this story, and love how big Cadance got in the end.

I may in the future! Glad you liked it :yay:

She is heavy, Doc.

Thank you kindly :rainbowkiss:

Haha nice, good to see more from you. Sure sounds like it doesn't end here, however! That means there's more to come, right?

Riiiiiiiiight? Well here's hoping!

I may write a follow-up in the future, we'll see :raritywink:
Glad you liked it!

Huh, didn't find this till now. Great story!

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