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This story is a sequel to The Night Princess and the Graveyard Shift

Backed into a corner by her own political maneuvering, Princess Luna is forced to try and find a way to take a day off... from being a princess. The only problem is, being a princess is more something that you are than something that you do. And Luna was never all that good at taking time off from work to begin with.(1)

But with the aid of her sister, her secretary, and a hoofful of friends, she's got to try, for the good of the realm.

Join Princess Luna for a week of taking a day off, in the last story of the Night Princess And cycle!

(1) To those considering a joke about taking a thousand years off, shame.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 38 )

Awesome, can't wait for more.

7735981 More should be along tomorrow. Was having some issues with the laptop that I drafted Tuesday on.

I'm quite enjoying your writing style. It reminds me just a little of Douglass Adams or Terry Pratchett, with the casual mentions of the bizarre. It's a lot of fun to take some of these lines out of context.

"Sure, fighting a dread beast from the netherhells sounded exciting the first time, but familiarity bred contempt."
This line is very applicable to MMO's by the way.

Ok seriously, 112 views, and 14 favs??

I really hope this get's the shining front page star it deserves! I really enjoy how well you temper Luna's presence among the ponies, giving us enough info as needed to understand her frustrations and all!

Really looking forward to your next chapter, as the comedy in this, and the truth of bureaucracy is painfully hilarious! XD

7743559 Thanks for the kind comparison. :) As a rule, I always try to include one fresh idea and one fun turn of phrase in every chapter or short fic that I write. It doesn't always work out that way, but even in more somber pieces, I like to give people a reason to grin.

The Night Princess and the MMO. Hrm... food for thought, but probably not yet. ;)

7743664 Glad you're enjoying it! I try not to speculate too much about what makes some fics popular and others less so, even in my own body of work, but if I had to guess, the fact that Day Off is the third in a series and is as yet unfinished is probably keeping some people from giving it a try. Or maybe it's just not everyone's cup of tea!

Thank you for your kind words however. I hope that everyone who does read it gets a bit of a laugh and enjoys the frenetic escapades of a princess just trying to do nothing of consequence.

I first read that as "The Night Princess and the HMO." Uh-oh.

7863586 Maybe next time. Luna vs. an Insurance Megacorp. There's a way to spend a day off...

Boy, a lot of weird things happen when Luna tries to take a break. It feels as if the world doesn't want her to do so.

thou shalt not place yon midden next to yon town well

That line is straight out of Pratchett, and you know that boyo. Still, I doubt he'd begrudge you it.

“Yes ma’am.” Daunted was more deferential to Paper than he was to Luna. The princess was a co-worker. Paper had, with him at least, the stern demeanour of an unpleasant second grade teacher he’d had as a foal. “As of ten-oh-one this morning, an attempt to utilize applications of the new proof Princess Luna discovered led to it being the Quite High Energy Building. At ten-oh-seven, a meeting of the university council re-designated it the Absurdly High Energy Building. Between ten-ten and ten-eleven, it held the status of High Velocity Building, followed by just plain High Building.” The red unicorn paused for breath. “Shortly thereafter it resumed status as High Velocity Building, and, upon making impact with the ground, is now the High Surface Area Building.”

As a Pratchett addict, this is absolutely brilliant.

Oh my god this is WONDERFUL! Where have you been all my life!?

That chapter was incredible. I lost it at Donkey Hote, that works far too well to be allowed.

I love how Luna was protesting with the protesters in order to stop them. XD

Eh, I have that problem too.

It is a pain sometimes

Certainly well written, definitely love the Pratchett-isms going on throughout your stories!

This has been simply marvelous from start to finish! I'm sad to see it end but I realize all good things must.

That was a fantastic story to read. Glad to see it finished and that you put a lot of work into it. :twilightsmile:

The cultist ponies again. “Really, I think it’s for the best. That was not what I thought it was going to look like. Did those tentacles look like frogs to anyone else?”

Aha! Clearly a subtle reference to Ykzlpxlt!k, The Disemvoweled One, Devourer of Souls, Approacher At The Gate, and a few dozen other choice cognomens! :moustache:

7917391 I give a more direct shout-out to Ghost of Heraclitus in the author's note of Sunday. Lovely writer, who wins all of the internets.

Very nicely done. It did have a rather Dotted Line sort of feel about it. Write more!

Meh, what's the point of being a god if you can't banish annoying ponies to Tartarus at your whims?

Sheesh, Celly and Loony need PROPER tyrant training! *Alondro puts in a call to Kim Jung Un* :trollestia:

Don't you just hate it when you're bored and accidentally solve a fundamental question of reality?

When I'm bored I tend to create new realities. They're all terrible.

Troll God, ya know. :trollestia:

7744221 You need to cross the story over with Sonic the Hedgehog, but make him a vampire who's misunderstood, and then make Celestia Super Satan and have her get stabbed a million times in the face by Luna, who then becomes NMM forces Twilight into BSDM with herself, but everypony's ok with that because Luna.

Then your story will get over 9,000 likes and probably a book deal. And two movies. (Not so subtle reference to a certain POS movie out this weekend..)

Professor Doubt says that it’s likely due to an unexplained property of the Narrativium that was being experimented upon,

Those foals. We REAL scientists know better than to play with a substance that clearly sounds like a pun!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to bombard some Apocalyptenium with some Inadvisable Rays. :trollestia:

Consider also the ruthless nature of a fanfiction author who begins a chapter with ‘consider if you will’ in cold blood. They might be capable of anything. A maniac, I tell you!

This calls for TROLLING!!!

Deus Ex Insert style! I shall taunt you a second time... and then a THIRD!! :trollestia:

I usually find actually BEING an evil tyrant who vaporizes his opposition in full view of the public much more permanent a solution. And more satisfying. Especially when they have time to scream.

Oh! I found this great picture someone obviously took of me!


I'm so debonair!

I was even cuter as a baby!



Can't believe this has so few likes, I needed this story in my life

7952683 We'll, feel free to share it with anyone else you feel might enjoy it! I like it when people get some happiness from my work!

I love stories where luna is a warrior princess in a time that has passed her by

Holy shit...Princess of Pure Math, that is AWESOME! <3

Poor Luna though, will she ever be able to catch a break? T_T

Luna Implaccibilis, the Unrelenting Moon

HMMM you know... I'm guessing that you have got this from a printed thing...
because Unrelenting is "implacabilis" in Latin and that "ci" can be an "a" misprinted...

This story was a TON of fun to read! You have GOT to love it when the villain hoist themselves by their own petard >=)

This, like many such historical explanations, was just a cruel lye.

Indeed! It is misinfoamatiion of the worst kind, working geniuses and foals alike into a lather! And it became even worse when rinsed amd repeated. The rumor's spread, however, was sud den...

14: There were many layered myths about how only Celestia could sit comfortably on such a throne, because she was Righteous and Good and Just. The princess herself maintained that it was because with considerable practice, one eventually developed an ass of steel.

Alternative agitators allude that amazing as an alloyed ass is, any answer alluded to acknowledged access to amazing amounts of angel food cake assuaging and aiding said ass.

In preparing for her holiday on Wednesday, Princess Luna stumbled upon a general proof for P=NP after packing her saddlebags with the lightest items that would give her the most enjoyment on the beach while planning the cheapest and quickest rail and carriage route through all the cities, towns , and villages between Canterlot and the ocean...

“This will change how we understand multi-dimensional theory on a fundamental level!”
She’d already torn the page from the notebook and had begun looking for a nearby hearth, when it occurred to her that having the solution would actually do modern magical theory some good.
“This is one of those problems that has been pondered for a millennium! What a prize!”

Rookie move there Luna!

Any mathemagician worth their salt know that the standard procedure is to doodle a "I have discovered a truly marvellous proof of this, which this margin is too narrow to contain." message in whatever manuscript or trashy piece of popular-fiction they were reading at the time.


Clearly a subtle reference to Ykzlpxlt!k

They are batrachian and tentacular!

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