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This story is a sequel to The Night Princess and the Day Off

It's difficult to be a Warrior Queen in an age of Legislative Princesses.

Luna has found a place in Canterlot society, braved social awkwardness and even managed to legislate unpopular changes, but she finds herself ill at ease with the day to day running of a government. She craves adventure and excitement, but perhaps the vicarious enjoyment of same through an evening of theater will do.

Poor princess. Nothing ever seems to be quite so simple. A murder mystery might well become... two.

Starring a Canterlot cast, new and familiar, international espionage, murder, and Luna doing her best to turn everything into a story of Hay-Cules Pear Roll.

(As this is a sequel to the previous Night Princess And... stories, it diverges from the show canon shortly after the beginning of Season 5.)

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Is Luna going to don her old deerstalker and high collared coat?

mmm. Poor Paper, one moment not expecting it and now it is adventure time. :raritydespair:

Can’t wait to see how this fine trip goes from here.

Paperweight sure knows how to humor or take advantage to be sarcastic around the princess. Kudos to Paperweight, a most enlightning show had Luna taken them up on that first suggestion.

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