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*strokes blanket* I am a good writer. I am a good writer. I am a good writer...

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It not the dumb story Twilight. Better love story than twilight... still..:rainbowlaugh:

oh i put a spoiler mark so people could guess LOL

Thanks for yet another fave, :twilightsmile:

EDIT: And for the follow! :pinkiehappy:


I don't know, it's your story. Try to think from Twilight's point of view though: she's very logical, so she'd pick the pony who she thinks can help her most. Also, make sure to establish a theme for their new abilities- maybe go down the elemental route, since Twivine is already 'earth'; maybe theme the others on water, fire, air, etc.

I'll have a look at the edited version shortly.

Thanks for helping! I edited it and I made this at midnight, so you would think it was bad. Thanks! I will have the next chapter soon... Who is next?

  • Viewing 5 - 9 of 9
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Hello. I'm Touch the Sky, a pegasister living in the UK. I've been watching the show since late 2012 and although I'm not very active in the fandom, I do write stories sometimes.

However, I read a hell of a lot more than I write, and unfortunately I spend a long time waiting for the creative spark to appear only for it to fizzle out mid-story. For every story I successfully finish or even submit, there will be about five more that never made it past the 'idea' phase.

I am still at college so writing has to take a back seat to my studies, but in my free time I like to sneak onto Fimfiction and do a bit of reading. So don't tell my mother (or any of my family for that matter, since I am still firmly wedged in the closet despite owning two Fluttershy plushies).

I hope you'll take the time to look over a couple of my stories!

-Touch the Sky