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Luna's having trouble. She doesn't know where she fits in, and she can't run night-court until she can at least understand the modern problems of modern ponies. In an effort to find a place in this brave new world, the Princess of the Night decides there's only one solution.

Get a job.

After all, how hard could it be to get a job working retail, with Hearth's Warming Eve coming up?

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I Love fic where Luna is trying to fit in. Fish out of water humor is so great but can be so eyerolling if done incorrectly.

Man, this was a good fic! I enjoyed reading it immensely :twilightsmile:

I loved the part where she assembled all the toys, it just seems so fitting. I could see most as saying "Luna is outdated, she wouldn't get anything right" happening, but instead we have her being able to apply her talent to something else. It was a lovely connection, and I appreciated it :pinkiesmile:

As the General Manager of a hotel, I'd hire her. She's perfectly trainable, and great personality-wise, the two main traits I require from a front desk clerk. Though dealing with a very wide array of accents, regional habits, and different perspectives can be rather entertaining. Especially as there is usually only a single clerk on at a time. If you were to continue this to include her performing other jobs, you might consider something similar.

Anyway, awesome story, well done and you handled the humor very well. Looking forward to more from you.

This is amazing work

This is a great one shot, it should be featured.

Nice to see Luna suffering from the problem of unemployment that plagues so many people these days. Perhaps her experience will lead to the creation of new jobs for the populace? I do like your reasoning for why she loves coffee. And the little tidbit about her still painting the night sky while banished. I've always wondered about that. It makes sense that that while Celestia might be able to move the moon, should wouldn't be able to paint the sky. But Twilight was still into astronomy before Luna's return.

I've read in some other fanfics that one of her titles is Princess of cafinated beverages. So yeah she is princess of coffee to.

:derpytongue2:I'm so happy!!I'm a huge Luna fan!Love it!!

Oh that was simply lovely.

Delicious. This induced me to look up word definitions - twice (gauche and execrable)! Just a minor detail, and neither here nor there, but I would imagine that Luna's hand(hoof? horn? aura?)writing is in fact flowing and elegant. One could argue contrarily that as a princess she rarely needs to write anything herself, as her edicts and decrees would be transcribed by attendants like Paper Weight. In any case, the way you have it works. Excellent story. :rainbowdetermined2:

5336030 Very probably, Luna's formal cursive in an antiquated script is fine indeed. Conservatively though, it might resemble the Equestrian equivalent of middle English, and even that largely unpracticed for a few centuries or so, as she wasn't writing a lot of letters on the moon. If there were some kind of runic magic or similar, perhaps.

I loved how Luna tried to fit into other places just to get her job.

Who knew that a cafe store would be a perfect fit for Luna? Maybe it must be this:


I really enjoy this. After a hard day of studying for my final, this made my day.
The whole Luna and coffee reminds me alot of one of the IDW comic cover

5360917 I hadn't actually seen the cover when I wrote the story. ^^ Like minds, I suppose.

5361530 i ONLY READ A FEW ARC. tHEY ARE goodread (but Not canon (a let to me that is.))

The stars move at my will,

No you don't, silly

Luna + coffee = disaster scary facepalms AWESOME!!!!:pinkiehappy:


Fine, author. You've effing won. You got a follower. Just shut up and take it cause' you earned it.

Where people get strange ideas that Luna control stars?

Would I be right in assuming you read Discworld? I certainly hope so, Pterry wrought comedic gold with how great his footnote jokes were.

My attention was drawn when I saw The Night Princess and the Day Off being featured, and I am, first and foremost, a Lunatic, so naturally, I was intrigued. Nor was I disappointed, this one is easily going into my Favorites by its humorous and literary merits alone. Seeing that the featured story was a sequel (of a sequel), I figured it best to start from the beginning, and the only bad thing about all this is that you've set my expectations rather high as to what I expect from the other stories.

I LOVE this apparent prequel to Night Watch.

Also, I would normally ask for "Moar", but I already know that there is "moar" >=)

When I read the desciption: ....Luna, Luna, Luna. So oblivious.:facehoof:

235 likes, 0 dislikes? Impressive.

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