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This story is a sequel to Cadance Makes Lunch

On a most remarkable day, an astounding princess, embarking against all odds and presumption tackles the thought impossible... Now, history will be amended.

A spectacular one-shot detailing the momentous occasion that overshadows all other traces of recorded history.

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Starlight Glimmer, sleeper agent and clandestine chef, and secret member of The Royal Coalition of Keeping Royalty away from Kitchens.

Ah tea, a most noble drink.

Otherwise known as boiled leaf juice, with some freshly squeezed cow juice added to soothe the bitterness and a bit of bee vomit for sweetness.

Alright, you've torn me away from Know You're Mare. This better be good.

EDIT: It was OK. I'll give it a like.

7830158 You put milk in your tea? Barbaric.

Now you just need to do a "Sunset bakes dessert." story.

7833597 she's not a princess.

7833664 It's not like we've seen her pony form since she reformed.

7833687 ...She's still not a princess. I don't see how that changes her title.

7833762 Well it depends on whether or not alicorns are automatically princesses. Frankly, Equestria's title system is a bit...fuzzy at the top. At the very least, there's wiggle room for different interpretations without actually contradicting canon.

7834701 That's a nice thought. But for a strictly comedic story, I'm not going to spend twenty minutes explaining how a character counts as a princess. There's an old adage that goes you don't explain the joke.


:dear Sunset shimmer, please return to equestria within the next two weeks so we can check whether or not you're an alicorn and thus count as a princess. No, I won't make you take up any responsibilities for at least the next century if you are, but I do need to know.

-Princess TrollCelestia

p.s. Don't ask me why I need to know unless you want to fill out the relevant paperwork yourself

Seems like that'd be good enough for an introduction to "(princess) Sunset shimmer makes icecream/coffee"

7834945 Feel free to write the story if you want.

Twilight would have to invest in some whiteout in the future. But that was a problem for a later date. Now? It was time to cook.


As Twilight strode through the reflective halls of her keep, she was well aware how instrumental it was for this to go well. She was confident in her ability to make hot tea; what pony wouldn't be?

More like overconfident! You'll destroy everything! It'll be a colossal failure!

And it was that dedication that gave Twilight her certainty in this mission. With how goal oriented she was on this, there could not be a single mistake.
"Hey, boss. I made some tea. Want a cup?"
Starlight Glimmer....

"Uh-huh, yeah. See salt, bitterness, it's great. REAL great...." The others paid no attention to Twilight's pout as they continued to drink the wonderful tea made for them by their loving friend.

And so, the day is saved! Thanks to Starlight Glimmer! :twilightoops: :trollestia:

Also, I just realized that this is the 100th story that you've written. :yay:

Starlight Glimmer, here to save the day.

You still have two members of royalty available, a queen and a king.

7837742 Aww, and here I was hoping for Queen Chrysalis makes creme brule or King Sombra cooks steak.

7837857 I don't feel like the joke can be stretched like that. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and tea (snack). A fifth one would seem a little too much.

7837919 Awww, I getcha. Gonna wait to get my Chryssie fix from the KYM movie and KYM-related stories, one they update/are posted. Still, this is a nice story anyway.

Princess Flurry Heart Makes Pudding? :duck:

7932039 If you want, you can write it.

Well, I'll have to see about that. They're really simple, so maybe I could!

7932811 They are. That's why I invite anyone to continue it. Make it a silly little anthology.

Okay, this kind of makes me mad. :flutterrage: Firstly, Twilight DIDN'T make tea. Starlight did, and she didn't even make it properly, yet somehow Twilight is getting credit/blame for the bad tea? Never mind that the other princesses enjoyed it. That's not how you make tea! Ugh. (calms down) :ajbemused: You know, maybe Twilight not making tea was for the best. Twilight would have been so meticulous and precise that her cup of tea would have been too perfect, so perfect that wars would have been fought over a single cup. :ajsmug:

I'm sorry if this post sounds rage-y. :fluttershysad: I'm just a huge fan of Twilight and of tea, and I'm kind of bummed that they're both being put to shame in this story. :raritycry:

7970308 1. That's the joke.
2. Tea can be made many ways.
3. We'll never known.

7971039 Yeah, sorry. It's not a bad fic, but it just makes me inner Iroh cry over the tea abuse. :raritycry:

7971131 No, I get it. I just like to point out my own points when offered points to point at.

I'm confused with the end. Did Twilight or Starlight make the tea that is currently trying to perform regicide? I love the story for sure.

But the wording of the end is weird on that regard.

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