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Confound these wretched equines! For every one I fling away, a dozen more vex me!


The CMC set out to interview Sea Swirl, the unicorn with dolphins for a cutie mark, for the school paper, but wind up joining her in trying out her newly constructed submarine, the Mark V.

Also, Sea Swirl is best background pony.

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I've always felt that Sea Swirl needs more stories, so... have Sea Swirl story!

And all this time I thought she was secretly a sea pony.

6978100 Sing it with me! Shoo-bee-doo, Shoo-Shoo-bee-doo!

But alas, not in this story. So you'll have to write it. That way, more Sea Swirl!


Well, in the climax of my story, when a curse is used on Equestria turning everything ponies THINK is real, become real, guess what Seaswirl turns into?

I'm always down for a sub story.

That's actually not that much of a stretch.

What could possibly go wrong in an untested, prototype submarine mostly crewed by the CMC and navigated by a fruit bat?

I'm expecting them to run across a kelpie or two.

"Oh yes. 'Your explosions are too loud,' they say. Ha! You try to get explosions to be quiet. I mean, you can ask them beforehand, 'Please be quiet,' but do they listen? Nope. Kaboom! As loud as they can be. Maybe even louder, just because you asked them to be quiet. Quite ornery, explosions. Let me tell you, if an explosion ever wants to blow you up, I advise you run away, fast as you can. Else you could get hurt, big time."

At this point I fully realised I had found an good, promising and tracking-worthy story.

Looks good so far.

Let's just hope this 'Mark V' isn't a One-Way-Ticket.

(No explosions... Meh...)


What could possibly go wrong in an untested, prototype submarine mostly crewed by the CMC and navigated by a fruit bat?



Let's just hope this 'Mark V' isn't a One-Way-Ticket.

Well, there's a 70% chance of it not sinking according to Sea Swirl. That should definitely ease the minds of kids from a certain dystopian future: The odds are ever in their favor.

(No explosions... Meh...)

Coming next year, the thrilling tale of the Mk II in movie form:

Like with The Revenant, the director may have taken some liberties with the historical facts. But... explosions!

A pegasus "flying" a submarine reminds me of Robert J. Sawyer's dolphin starship pilots.

"That's correct," Sea Swirl said. "Also, this is a boat, not a ship. I know because I get terribly seasick on ships, but not on boats, which is sort of strange, what with boats being smaller than ships and all, but that's how it is. There's no way I want to get sick inside my submarine, so I've decreed that it is a boat. Smart way to avoid the problem, huh?"

Now the cover-art makes totally sense. Good job!

"Groovy! Then you'll find it easy as memorizing the periodic table of elements," Sea Swirl said.

Okay... Then nothing(?) can go wrong! (right?)

Good chapter!
I especially like your version of Sea Swirl's personality.

Found two small errors:
Edit: Fixed + Wasn't an error. (+ Fixed error in own comment)


Now the cover-art makes totally sense. Good job!

It applies to real life as well, that submarines are boats. Of course, not due to Sea Swirl's logic. It's more of a size thing, with a ship being something large enough that it can carry boats. Early submarines were small, tended by submarine tenders. And so submarines are boats, even though many modern ones are rather large. So that's why I had to replace the 'ship' with 'boat' in the art I used.

Incidentally, ferries are also boats, even the large ones that carry boats of their own. Tradition!

Good chapter!
I especially like your version of Star Swirl's personality.

Thanks. Though I think you mean Sea Swirl. You can tell them apart because A: she doesn't have a beard, and B: she's not dead. :raritywink: A desire to explore her potential is the main reason I started writing this story.

There should be a space.

Thanks. Fixed.

Shouldn't it be "this coffin here"?

'This here X' is a colloquialism, so nope, not in this case.

Don't worry kids, there's always a bigger fish...
Well, now you may start to worry...

And that concludes the journey of Sea Swirl's Mark V submarine.

I liked it. A short and sweet adventure. The only string left hanging is "what happened to the actual crew she was waiting on to arrive"? But still, nicely done!

6984283 I did contemplate addressing that. Had three thoughts on it. The first was to have an aside of the three ponies waiting at her door, complaining a bit. And the second was tossing in a line of dialogue from Sea Swirl in chapter one about how they were a week or two early, but that she liked that enthusiasm. And the third, and let's go with that as canon, is that Sea Swirl put in a request for a crew meeting certain standards, and there was no set time for them arrive, nor guarantee one would. More of an open recruiting situation :)

This was pretty darn funny, IMO. Needs more views.

It had even resisted Sweetie Belle's most earnest pleading.

Is that even possible?!

I like this 'emergency air renewal system'. I'm sure it is 100 % biologic, and if you are hungry you can even eat it!

"I just know you wouldn't let us down."

You are already on the ground of the ocean. You can't get more down; even if you want to.
(Don't tell them that. I'm sure the CMC will find a way.)

Piece of advice, if you make a boat with windows in the bottom, don't make them openable.

You genius! :rainbowlaugh:

[After that I quote realised I was starting to quote your whole story, so I stopped. It was hard (very hard, since there are so many good parts) but I did it! (Somehow...)]

Very good story!
Like I said before, Sea Swirl's personality is simply hilarious.
This needs more upvotes! Really!

Waiting for Mark VI!
(Whenever it's ready to leave the dock.)

One question:

Multiply by i to the power of four.

What do you mean with that one?

Fond two small (very small) errors:
Edit: fixed

6985652 Hopefully, it will build them up over time. Though I certainly wouldn't object if people helped that along :pinkiecrazy:


I like this 'emergency air renewal system'. I'm sure it is 100 % biologic, and if you are hungry you can even eat it!

Exactly. The idea was genius. It isn't her fault that a unicorn can't be expected to understand fully how those plant things work.

What do you mean with that one?

"i" is used to represent the imaginary unit, which is the solution to X^2 = -1 aka the square root of -1. Which means i^4 = 1. It's a silly little math joke tossed in for people who know what i is. Which based on the italics, I believe includes you :pinkiehappy:

Fond two small (very small) errors:

And fixed x2. Thanks again.

Very good story!
Like I said before, Sea Swirl's personality is simply hilarious.
This needs more upvotes! Really!

I'm just happy people enjoyed my dabbling with Sea Swirl. And so is Sea Swirl.

This could be a real episode.

I hope they don't drown.

Admiral Sea Swirl is a very likeable character.

This was adorable and ridiculous. Have a thumb.

Lab explosion, then trampled by a marching band.

The marching band refused to yield.

7036490 Thanks.

I started this story a few years ago and only got it about half finished at the time. In part because I worried about how/if it would work, with essentially the high point of adventure happening in the second act. But the main goal was to mess around with Sea Swirl, so hence why the adventure wasn't super long. Thankfully, Sea Swirl did not let me down and she successfully carried the story to its conclusion.

And glad to hear you enjoyed Sea Swirl. I expect I'll be writing more about her in the future. I've got a pair of rough ideas about her bouncing around in my brain already, and one or both might get written. The longer of two will be a longer adventure tale featuring Sea Swirl and Daring Do, as they travel in the Mark VIII in search of Atlantis. Though I'm not starting another long story before I finish my current one.

couple of typos and things here

Always feel free to let me know these things so I can fix them, be it by note or comment.

"Could you trust the results though? It being science and all, I mean?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Hmm... I bet other ponies probably think the same thing about us and our crusading ideas."

Insight Belle is best Belle.

I was just thinking that

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