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Chubbow Rose

Just a chubby writer here


Redbow Rose is your average journalist, happily married and perfectly fit. When a spell misfires and hits her, one of these things will change drastically.

Contains: Overnight weight gain, stuffing, and a loving fat lesbian marriage.

Sex tag for fetish content. Alternate universe for changes from the normal show.

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That was a pretty good story. I like the characters and the way you described their appearances. I especially love the concept you worked with here, even if it's pretty silly when it comes to "realism". The pacing was also pretty decent for a piece of this length.

Hope to see more from you. :)

8142492 Thankwds! I'll see if I can't write​ more!

Love the idea! Was nice and short too which I enjoy. :)

It is a nice story hun, but please please give it a spell check and do another chapter.

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