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I'm still alive, probably.


Fluttershy might be stronger than she looks.

At least, that's what Rainbow says. Applejack's skeptical, to say the least. Especially after she just lost an arm wrestling match. Besides, that sweet, gentle pony couldn't win a tug-of-war against butterflies, much less be stronger than her, right?


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Not even gonna bother! :rainbowlaugh: The description alone kills me!

Mister Squirrel here tried to steal a nut from Mister Squirrel. Mister Squirrel wasn’t happy about that, so he tried to take it back, and only now am I finding out that Mister Squirrel took all of the nuts this morning so the others couldn’t have any!”

This is one of the greatest conflicts of all time. The war to control the all-important resource of nuts between Mister Squirrel and Mister Squirrel.

This should be an episode

Question: Is Applejack insane?

Ha... Ha.... Ha... :rainbowlaugh:
Best comedy ever!
Fluttershy strongest pon-3.
And perhaps a sequel where the rest of the mane 6 find out Flutters actual strength.

“Brag all you want Applejack

“Say what you want, Applejack.”

Similar sentence construction within three paragraphs.

and I know that underneath that soft, kind exterior lurks a pony who’s at least ten times stronger than both you and Big Mac combined!”

stilted delivery dashie. something is up.



“I have to feed my animals still...there’s just so much to do still!” Fluttershy slowly began backing up towards her cottage.
“I’m sure it won’t take that long.” Applejack reasoned as she approached her shy friend. “Even a lil’ bit of help would be appreciated.”

You could start by maybe paying her for the help, AJ.

“You’re not gonna let this go unless I give ya sumthin’, are ya?”

TIL the fastest way to get unfettered access into someone's home uninvited is to bribe their roommate.

Also, AJ would happily pay Angel to let her break into Fluttershy's home, but not pay Fluttershy for work lawl

“Oh my goodness!” Fluttershy’s ears perked as she quickly galloped up to the counter, eyes wide and sparkling as she eyed the multitude of toy animals lined up against the walls. “They’re so cute!”

Meanwhile at Sweet Apple Acres, Apple Bloom walks into her room only to realize that literally all of her stuffed animals have gone missing. This starts a chain of kooky events where she gathers the Crusaders and they go on a journey to rescue her lost toys that will take them all over Equestria.

“Great, now ah’ll have to explain to Big Mac why his stuffed animal collection went missin’ again.”

they're big mac's
never mind

The showmare, on the other hand, picked her jaw up at the floor. Her eyes drifted down to the pedestal the hammer struck, and then glared in disdain at the massive, hulking pegasus who withdrew his hoof from it with an innocent smile.


oh my Celestia


Wait. So Fluttershy is super strong? No, no, no... she's only strong when she thinks she isn't being strong? Argh this is confusing.

Brain.exe has stopped working.

In the homosexual community, a hairy man is also considered a bear.

Majin Syeekoh

7672926 You're a bear

7672825 A great conflict, indeed.:twilightsmile:

Mister Squirrel here tried to steal a nut from Mister Squirrel

Wait, Mister Squirrel tried to steal a nut... from himself!?
Or was it another squirrel which was also called Mister Squirrel?

I'm confused.:rainbowderp:

This story just sounds hilarious!
I am SOOO gonna read this when I have some free time on my hands!

Fluttershy being the strongest one there is... now where have I heard that before...?


Ahh, that's where.

Wow, this is just like an episode out of the show itself. Well done :pinkiesmile:

Have to say, I loved the ending. Such a perfect way to cap off Fluttershy's title as the strongest pony alive.

This could so readily be the title of a Patrick McManus book :pinkiegasp:

honestly the fact that applejacks ego drove her to such extremes is sad.

This was kinda funny, even if I have a hard time believing AJ would try to be sneaky like this for so long rather than just ask Fluttershy if it was true.

Fluttershy probably is stronger than she thinks, she only lost against those butterflies since she was dealing with stage fright. That said, AJ has pulled a bug bear out of the air with a single tug of her rope.

now ah’ll have to explain to Big Mac why his stuffed animal collection went missin’ again.”

Best line.

Aww, I was hoping for Flutterborn...

this, has to be canon. #canonaccepted:yay::yay::yay::heart::yay:

As I understand Pegasi magic, it's major component is flight oriented. Another major component seems related to protecting a pegasi in a crash (otherwise Rainbow Dash would be smear on some tree:rainbowhuh:). A third component is that it seems to be able to extend beyond the individual to include other objects; i.e. chariots, moving carts, etc. I imagine that some pegasi excel in the use of one component over others, so while Rainbow Dash may be fast :rainbowdetermined2: (and have a high protection force) but have a low lifting component; Fluttershy might be slow (and not need a high protection factor) and have a large lifting component.:yay:

The world needs more Flutterswole


Before Shy's family was showcased I was convinced one of her folks was an earth pony. I was very disappointed in DHX for not going with a mixed parentage for the kids that have those. :/ I mean it isn't a direct comparison to the kind we have in the real world, but the message would have been received and understood.

If she flew it there, then her pegasus magic would have lightened the load automatically, that's how she was able to pull that cart full of frogs.

And then came the glorious sound of one's jaw hitting the ground at high speed. It echoed throughout Ponyville and it was said that even the Princesses in Canterlot could hear it.

Glorious1 10/10 on the :yay:itude meter! I just wish there was more.

Meanwhile, in Waking Nightmares...

Heavy Weapons Guy: And THAT is why Fluttershy is Heavy's partner.

Comment posted by Skylight77 deleted Oct 27th, 2016

7673032 Rainbow's has driven her to worse.

Uh... didn't it turn out that Fluttershy was noti, in fact, wrestling the bear, but giving it a massage?

"There are only two tactics a real warrior needs! Frontal assault, and death by frontal assault!"
—Barras Lehr (from Bravely Default)

The title made me think of this quote

7673768 Well, you may hate it, but we don't. We all have our own opinions on what's enjoyable.

Comment posted by Skylight77 deleted Oct 27th, 2016

7674073 Hey, we're just here for the laughs. To many of us, as long as it's enjoyable, we read it. Why did you read this if you didn't like it in the first place?

Comment posted by Skylight77 deleted Oct 27th, 2016

7674100 If you disliked it, then why don't you just ignore it, so the rest of us may enjoy the story?

Comment posted by Skylight77 deleted Oct 27th, 2016

And the new Iron pony champion is... FLUTTERSHY

Comment posted by TheGradualGhost deleted Oct 28th, 2016

7674128 Y'know, sometimes it's fun for people to just go crazy and tear apart a character's personality. Many of us out here are constantly stressed by either school or work, and random, crazy stories like these often help us soften up a bit after each day, without the requirement of physically tearing something apart. It gives us giggles, and that's all that matters.


Yes, because a well written comedy being featured is such a horrible thing. "Ahh, this thing has been done before, so it's terrible! Everyone should be original like meeee! Wah, wah, wah."


>complains about things being overdone and insulting to characters
>writes FlutterDash

Jesus, man. Grow up and let other people enjoy things without having to spray your spaghetti all over the place. Come back and talk to me when you can write something better that more people will enjoy.



Just wait until you find out that Mister Squirrel is cheating on Mister Squirrel with Mister Squirrel's nut. It's quite the drama that will be covered in the sequel: The Life and Times of Mister Squirrel. Coming never to a theater near you.

I'm glad you think so! Personally I think the delivery was a little off, but I'm happy you enjoyed it, nonetheless. ^^


Thanks for pointing out the errors. Will fix asap

She's strong when she isn't strong. in doing so she's only as strong as she believes that she is, but because she's so strong her strength increases exponentially depending on how not-strong she is.


For some reason "You Do Know She Wrestles Big, Hairy, Homosexual men, right?" Just didn't have the same ring to it.


But Fluttershy hauled the gigantic corpse of a dragon through the air by herself all the way back to her cottage from the mountains. Does pulling down a bugbear really compare? :p

And yeah, relying on a series of unlikely situations seems to be a problem I have when it comes to writing comedy stories. I really will have to do better next time, thanks so much for pointing that out.

Just think, somewhere in that pile of stuffed animals Fluttershy made off with, a Smarty Pants doll sheds but a single tear...

That could be an accurate explanation! they never truly explain how magic actually works int he show, besides some words uttered by Starlight Glimmer in a more recent episode, but pegasus magic probably works a little bit differently. Nice way of trying to explain a few things, though!

That could be it, but the show's been inconsistent with that too. Like when Derpy and the other pegasi dropped a bunch of heavy stuff onto Twilight during the episode where Twilight's trying to figure out Pinkie's Pinkie Sense. Besides, when it's magic you're trying to push logic into, I think some suspension of disbelief is possible ^^

Based on this and your more recent, previous comments, I'm roughly 97% sure you're trolling. but for that uncertain 3%, I'll give you a response. If you'd bothered to read the fic, you'd learn that the incident with the bear massage is actually only brought up once, as a basis for Rainbow suggesting that Fluttershy might be stronger than her. Applejack immediately rejects the idea. so she uses some other examples. The fic is not based off of that one and only scene.

tl;dr Take some time to read a book before you judge it by its cover.

If that still doesn't appeal to you however, sorry you didn't enjoy the fic. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

If I weren't the one arguing, I'd likely be sitting back and watching the whole thing blow over. :rainbowlaugh:


Comment posted by Skylight77 deleted Oct 27th, 2016

7674271 :facehoof: Just... go. If you're not gonna enjoy it, let the others enjoy it for you.

Comment posted by TheGradualGhost deleted Oct 28th, 2016
Comment posted by Skylight77 deleted Oct 27th, 2016
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