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As of 5/31/12, I will no longer be writing this story. This was my first ever attempt at fanfiction ever and I've learned so much since I ever started it that I won't come back to it.

Being a popular fashion figure, Rarity had dated many stallions of high class and fat wallets. Why, then, did she always find her dates repulsive for one reason or another? No stallion could ever touch her heart, let alone become a significant other.

There were always rumors about famous ponies, especially when it came to things like promiscuity and sexual preference, but Rarity had the most fuel on the fillyfooler fire rumor mill. Not only was she famously awful at romance with stallions, she worked exclusively in female fashion and was a member of the all-female Elements of Harmony.

The fashionista had always dismissed such silly rumors. When she really thought about it, though, maybe there was a reason she was always so bad around stallions and so comfortable around mares. And just maybe those feelings about a particular yellow pegasus during her short modeling career were more than just petty jealousy...

Shameless Rarity/Fluttershy shipfic. No clop.

Cover image is by cactussnake, found on Ponibooru. Not mine.

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Okey... I'm sorry but I think I do better avoid this kind of fic.

X-COM Commander Kim Fareseed out.

Ohh, another Fluttershy X Rarity story. It's a great start, and I can't wait for the next chapter!

More Flarity! Hooray! I love them together and really ought to write mroe about them

You rock. :yay:Woo-hoo.


It is, yeah. To be fair though, I wasn't exactly hiding it. The description pretty much freely admits that. :p

Nonetheless, I would appreciate the critiques.

EDIT: Right! Now that you've added them, allow me to respond:

Not sure about the awkward comment. Rarity wasn't asking if Dash was gay, she was sure of it and just was asking for advice from the only pony she could both trust to not gossip about her and that could actually give advice.

The comment about the ~ is 100% spot on! It's an old habit from roleplaying, where ~ is commonly accepted as punctuation. Old habits die hard. Will fix that!

Thank you, though! I truly appreciate the critique.


Yeah, sorry! Was posting on my phone while stuck in traffic, didn't see the added critique. Thank you for your honesty, it is appreciated.

To the other posters, thank you so much! I will set to work on those other chapters very soon.


My first gif response! I will cherish this forever. 8D

All I have to say is beautiful! Beautiful man. Both Fluttershy and Rarity have one thing in common, and that is their both beautiful. Can't wait for chapter 2.


You guys are too nice. :fluttercry: Writing it as we speak!


And it better have supershy Fluttershy.


Supershy Fluttershy is best pony.

So yes.

Squeeee! I need more! Must.. contain.. excitement! :pinkiehappy:

Excellent! Do please continue with this story. :yay:

Huh. I was JUST thinking about how little one-on-one time has been given to Rainbow Dash and Rarity in canon. Hell, I'd been looking for stories about the two of them specifically (though I guess the Comedy tag wasn't as helpful as I'd have liked). I got here from Element of Forgiveness, to be honest (which is on my to-read queue of tabs; this one looked more promising).

I've cited numerous times my hardship in stumbling upon Rarity shipfics, with this being one of what should be the no-shit-Sherlock pairings. Yet this is the first I've seen of Rarity/Fluttershy, and it's still in its buildup stages. I friggin' found Rarity/Trixie before Rarity/Fluttershy. But you've done great setting up Rarity's coming to terms with this sexual existential crisis, and I'm more than happy to track and fave to see where it leads.


I know, right? What the hell, man. This pairing seems so, so painfully obvious, and yet it's so rare.

I like this, sexual confusion is really interesting.
It's also a bit more dramatic and fun than immediately accepting everything.
My pet peeve is "I've never felt this way about a mare before"
It just screams "Will dump you when excitement wears off"

And yes, finding the ship you want can be really hard. We need a search pairing function.
Searching for a pairing by choosing two characters and hitting romance result in all sorts of weird stuff

So... Uh. Any danger of an update? Thos is a good start and I want to read more!


I've been trying to get an update out! Work has not been easy on me lately. That and classes.

But I promise there will be an update soon. I have this coming Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. I'll get it finished.

Great chapter, i loved it!:twilightsmile:

i loved this chapter

No problem. Sometimes responsibility drives off one's muse.

Yeah, go to RD for advice, nothing bad could ever possibly come from that. :facehoof:
Mind you, this time it did go rather well. :moustache:

Hooray! One of the only Flarity stories on the site has updates! And is so beautifully done, not to mention so in line with the personalities of the ponies in question.


You guys seriously make me blush IRL.

I'm glad you like it so much!

I noticed you use the words "people" and "everyone". Shouldn't be "ponies" and "everypony"? There shouldn't be any human-related terminology if they already have their own in place. Otherwise, fantastic work.


I thought I checked for "people." Guess not! As for "everyone," that is used in the show (see: Winter Wrap Up). "Everybody" gets replaced by "everypony."

Edit: Fixed the "people!"

323106There is really no point of posting that comment then is there? Does that help the writer in anyway? No it does not, nor does it talk about the events of the story. Think about your comments before you post them.

Sorry. And I had forgot about this fiction. I will take down my comment then ok?


Woah, guys. It's okay. I'm not offended by the comments, shipping stories aren't for everyone.

I can stand some but when it get's to much I more then likly drop out. Somethings I can't stand reading.

Your TTG review is complete.

Boy this thing needs help.

Best of luck in your writing endeavors, sir. Rarity and Dashie would both be proud of your efforts.


>Boy this thing needs help.

I'm glad someone finally agrees with me.

I love this! Please write more, please please pleeeeease! :raritydespair:

make her aware
I suggest 'reassure her'. 'reassure' is a very Rarity word. Oddly enough, though Twilight surely has a larger vocabulary than Rarity, I'd bet that it would be Twilight who would phrase it 'make her aware'.

“Never mind. This is what we’re going to do...”
So Rarity comes to Rainbow for advice, but ends up instructing her?

Sounds about right :rainbowlaugh:

ducking her head as if to hide behind her face behind her name.

Dost thou mean "ducking her head as if to hide her face behind her mane."?

HAHA! Mildly amusing...

An upvote and a favourite for you!


My first fic was worse than this.

i swear the tensions was building

P.S fantastic story love it don't think other whys :pinkiehappy:

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