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In the wake of the wedding between Shining Armor and Princess Cadence, Twilight begins to experience problems she had never had before, including a mysterious noble who seems to want her hoof in marriage! What's more, Pinkie seems to be acting strangely to her, as well as this strange stallion. What could be going on to fuel these events?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust (especially Lauren Faust)

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Constructive Criticism is welcomed! and just to get this outta the way: First Post!:rainbowwild:

Looks interesting. Twipie is best ship, though I wonder how that noble will fit in all this.

i like tis so far
i shall fav and like for now

This is well written, and has potential to be an excellent read. Keep going :pinkiehappy:

Uhhh...Pinkie is extremely perceptive and Twilight knows it. It was Pinkie who found all the clues Twilight used to solve the cake who-done-it episode. Pinkie's problem is that she jumps to conclusions not based on reality.
You also might want to give the nobleman more qualities Twilight would find attractive if you want him to successfully seduce her.

Hmmm, alcoholic Pie-parents, pervert, drnken noble, and Twilight being Twilight. Should be good.

Now I want to hear the Blue ribbon story.

646000 NOOO DOOOD, I wanna see teh OC crash and burn and Pinkie win the unicorn, dood.

Good story so far, dood, continue on.

such is the wonders of cliffhangers :twilightsheepish:


tyvm! :pinkiehappy: knew those years of AP english weren't wasted!


"It was Pinkie who found all the clues Twilight used to solve the cake who-done-it episode." ummm, last i checked, it was Twilight who found the clues that proved the guilt of RD, Rarity, and Fluttershy, meanwhile Pinkie was throwing accusations right and left. though she only got perceptive when she realized she had to find evidence before making accusations, which proved the guilt of the bakers who she originally accused. in this case, we're saying she's being perceptive naturally, while what was in the episode was Pinkie bieng perceptive when she wasn't bieng all silly and actually looking for clues when she got her act together. Pinkei bieng perceptive naturally was what took Twilight by surprise in this case, since Pinkie does have a record history of rushing to the wrong conclusions, plus again in the said episode, Pinkie was getting her act together and actually looking for proof.

"You also might want to give the nobleman more qualities Twilight would find attractive if you want him to successfully seduce her." hard to swoon a lady when Wrath was right there, but mostly this was a night sequence, and our said noble was "sticking the hoof in the door" so to speak, so u might get your proper seduction later :raritywink:


the story bieng good is what i intend to do in ernest good sir :twilightsmile: also, its better left said that you don't wanna know about those blue ribbons :twilightsheepish:


yes i do intend to continue so i thank you all for your support :pinkiehappy: just have to read the rest of the story once i get it to see if he does crash and burn :raritywink:


I don't like OCs getting shipped with actual characters either, "dood." But having Twilight fall for him despite him being a jerk creates conflict, which can make it more interesting. I realize that the story might go in a different direction and she's never intended to like him.


Oops, you're right. I only watched that episode once and I wanted scrub my brain clean afterward. It was the worst season 2 episode imo.


i'm mostly on the boat of "love and like all episodes cus their fun", but i can understand if u didn't like the episode much, everyone's entitled to their opinions after all :twilightsmile:


The only thing I'm worried about is that those Blue Ribbons have something to do with "The Scotsman Song." But I am rather curious about it.


congrats good sir u just received a free internet for making that reference! :pinkiehappy:
not quite the reason though, but that was quite a ref to make :raritywink:

Heh. I'm an old time Dr. Demento fan :rainbowlaugh:

Well this story's got me hooked! Looking forward to another chapter!

I spy with mine own eyes, something that resembles the homunculi. Wrath and Greed so far.

So far so good. Looking forward to chapter 2

Girl in lo-ve.

LOL, I'm going to track this. It's seriously fucking amazing.

Wait...I thought this was a serial fic, it seems to be stalled, are you ever planning on finishing this? I like it so far.


it is. its just that due to college stuff (IN SUMMER!!) i've been stalled until i can get my *squee* in gear to finish the next chapter. and yes i am mad that i haven't finished it yet myself:twilightangry2:

which is why i hope to make sure chapter 3 comes out as soon as chapter 2 is out

846044 No problemo! Try reading some more Twinkie fics, I always find that gets me in the mood. I undertand how much delays suck though, my pre-reader was gone for a week so I was like, IS THIS CHAPTER EVEN ANY GOOD?:derpytongue2:

... approximately at seven o'clock sharp? Hate to be this asshole, but sharp means, more or less, exactly. So you're saying "at about exactly seven". That's a bit weird.

Aside from that, liking the story so far! and I definitely approve of the shipping.

I was wondering if this story was going to be continued.... although I love me a good cliffhanger, I also love me a great fanfic, and I would love to see the next chapter for this :derpytongue2:

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