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I found her, she was hurt. She says she's not from here, I show her a map and she says she's no where here. I believe her, for starters, she's different. Not like that, in appearance, like for example; wings.

I don't know what to expect, but I think something's finally happening in this hellhole.

A/N: this isn't GildaxDash shipping, no fear, just read the. Fix :3

A/N: This story DOES NOT have Alicorn Twilight in it, I started this when she wasn't op as hell, and personally I think for stories like this, it's just too hard to write a story where your characters best bud is a f*cking princess, so yea. No Alicorn Twilight, I'm personally fine with the new Twilight, but in this story, we're pretending like that never happened lol

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Please continue this story I hate it when authors start a promising story but never continue it :pinkiesad2:

So she's a human pony hybrid? or a pony? I am confused, :applejackconfused: but humanized pony stories tend to turn me off, so I guess I wait on your answer.

1473917 anthro, i think i might be able to sway you with this one :3 give it a shot! i think you may enjoy it :)

I like it, cant wait to read more.

I've always wanted to use this .gif, and now I've finally got the chance!
Now, do continue.



1473832 yea I did that. Pissed off ALOOOT!! Of people

I iz sorry, I don;t like anthro pony stories that much...

So I shall leave without a like! or a dislike for that matter. I iz neutral.

I think this is the first anthro story I've ever read, and it's really good! :raritywink:

Thank you guys so much for all this positive feedback!!! Next chapter is in the making! :rainbowdetermined2:

1473961 I think I have a matching pipe! :pinkiehappy:

Alrighty then, grammar Nazi attack!

Autumns my favorite of the seasons I’d say,

Autumns is a contraction of Autumn is, and thus should be either Autumn's or Autumn is.

That once you’ve hit rock bottom. You can only climb up.

Not sure if you were aiming for two sentences here, but I think it makes more sense with a comma linking. "rock bottom, you can only climb up."

Kids got a great voice,

Kid's, as I believe it's a contraction of "Kid has".

Smart-Ass, come on bro

Smart-ass, the 'A' shouldn't be capitalized.

A lot of the stuff I didn't want to point out, as I wasn't sure if you wanted that in your story. The first person, dialogue type style gives you some slack.
I also kind of ran out of steam fairly early on with looking for errors, as it's rather demoralizing looking at something and wondering whether it's intended or not.

This could be interesting though, stick at it!

1479516 you are being "that guy" dont be "that guy"
anyhoof i hoped you enjoyed the story!


Bwahahahaha I'm only trying to help!

1480417 some of those mistakes were intentional :P seeing how it's told from Kits perspective, and we don't think in grammaticaly correct terms, so some where implied, such as creative punctuation. However some things, such as "Smart-Ass" and "Autumn" are legitimate mistakes :twilightsheepish:

will there be clop???:derpyderp1: Otherwise brilliant
Pls reply author

1485096 i use sex as an innocent pleasure. not something necessarily for clop. i try to use as realisticly as possible. if you want an example just check out Derpy's Dream, another fic ive written, and read the chapter Mind, Spirit, and Body. I may have a sex scene in this story, but im currently undecided, it really all depends on the appeal it'll have if i have it :twilightblush:

I find myself intrigued to hear more... :twilightsmile:

Although, don't you think the character tags might be a little too revealing? :moustache:

Looking forward to your next update

I do hope you're going to continue. This is just too good to be cancelled. By the way, could you give me a link to the cover picture? Looks awesome.

1496397 A fellow who knows my pain!

Eh.. The whole Rainbow is not really a pony thing is honestly throwing me off as I cannot seem to wrap my mind around the concept you're pitching.

1497117 totally cool dude, I know I don't really go out of my way to read Comedy fics, i personally prefer Grim/Dark, Romance, tradegy, and just a more dark scene in general, where the little beauties the characters experience is like a radiant bulb flashing brightly in the dark. not to get poetic :rainbowkiss:

1497430 No no. Don't get me wrong. The story is pretty good! I like the idea, but the way you are wanting to describe Rainbow Dash is throwing me off. :applejackconfused: Every time I hear hands for her I am like wtf? So I take it she's has like a well... I guess we can say humanoid type body in all respects? But she is of pony origins? Like she has fur not skin? Sorry if I am sounding weird, but I am just trying to paint a mental picture.

It's looking good!:rainbowkiss:

Might want to consider picking up an editor, though; there's punctuation/grammar errors all over the place.


Excellent story. I can say more, because I am using pc for reading, like a normal person.

Yes thankyou love it i had a dream about this!:rainbowkiss:

Brilliant! I demand more! keep it up!

1499715 holy hay barrels you dreamt about my fic? :raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry: i am so honored you have no idea! :heart:

my imagination is huge and cannot be explained by science:facehoof:

the dashie pic is awsome!

1503089 thx :3 id say it's what inspired me to write this! :twilightsmile:

1503459 Any hoof when does he fall in love with dashie?

1504405 i'll let the story answer that one :derpytongue2: in due time, things will be revealed

1508705 almost done with third chapter :rainbowdetermined2:

it's called Flight

1515801 it was a bit of a quick heal, i really didn't want to spend to much time on the healing process, and i figured she may heal quick seeing how she broke her wing and healed in like two days. and this was just a bad bend, so i dunno, i could've had some fun with her healing, but im not in a good position for that kind of progression right now. maybe later i will, all will be revealed soon :3 and in regards to Rainbows perspective, i want the reader to really be able to look through the eyes of Kit. I may give some physique descriptions of Kit later, but for now he's whoever you see him as! Rainbow is meant to be looked at the way one would in this situation. Kit has no idea what's going on inside her head. I dunno, fun idea though :pinkiehappy:

1516188 haven't started nxt chapter yet, workin on it, write now im playin guitar and attempting to write some Grunge. once im done with that ill probz do HW, then start nxt chapter


>inb4 some evil villain
wait, all villains are evil.


Hmm, I think you could have dawdled upon the healing process just a tad longer - skipping it out kinda feels like a missed opurtunity for your OC and her to bond.

Another quarrel I had, was that I barely recognize Rainbow. She seems totally different - she's not brash, upfront, the prankster or boastful; she seems almost.... normal... boring... What did this accident do to her personality!? :flutterrage:

Also, a few errors, but most are minor.

I eagerly await to see what you do next! :yay:

yet again you have out done yourself :raritystarry::heart:

I love cheerios to!

1517122 yea i know :/ i mean, i just wasn't feelin' it. There's still gonna be plenty of time for bonding :3 and don't worry, Rainbows bashness is comin' back :rainbowdetermined2:

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