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but wasn't that part with the fuckin lasers cool tho


It's been months since the world ended, and Applejack has lost almost everything she once held dear. Now thrust out away from the safety her farm once gave her, she'll find out first-hand just how much the world around her has changed.

(This story will have a primary focus on Applejack and will be mostly from her point of view and about her experiences, but I will occasionally switch characters and introduce others, which will then be added to the tags as they show up for the first time.)

UPDATE 5/7 - I'm in the process of rewriting some of the earlier chapters. I might make new updates here and there during this, but for the most part it'll just be working on making older chapters better.

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This is getting interesting.


i didn't actually read the fic and i'm don't think i will at least not right now but i'm putting it in my read later sooooooooooo

4139723 That gif is awe-inspiring

4138979 I'm glad you think so! Just wait, I have some pretty heavy stuff planned for later on.

Comment posted by Hack Writings deleted Apr 3rd, 2014

4142700 Not really. I picture them more as anthro during this story, even if I haven't been taking the chance to really describe them looking like such, so the human tag isn't entirely necessary. Although it is more on the human side of that scale, so maybe I'll stick it in there anyway.

WHO STOLE MY APOCALYPSE COOKIES, IF YOU DID PAL........ congratulations, you have successfully stole from the scariest guy you'll ever meet

Interesting... I want to know what the apocalypse was, as much as I do Rainbow's story.

P.S. Twilight's probably dead. Egghead can't fight.

4156361 Well, I should be able to answer at least one of those questions in the next chapter.
And yes, I'll say right now that Twilight's most likely dead, along with the rest of the Mane 6, unless they could be beneficial to what I want to do with the story later on. Until the story's done, don't count 'em out just yet.

Another chapter of goodness. Good to see this chapter was about the cool, awesome, main character.

~Rainbow Dash

And that Applebloom shaped lump...

4163470 You'll just have to wait and see if that comes into play or not :raritywink:

If you introduce zombies... I might fall in love with this even more than I already do.

Also, I watch My Little Dashie, and another story is written in from my favorites. Watch it again, you write a chapter. Dang, does My Little Dashie make people write chapters?

Well there goes mah hope of Applebloom miraculously surviving. *tears* Zahmbies....let me buy a jugganog, quick revive, double tap, and Galil

Methinks it was a little early to start sailing the AppleDash ship, but it's still good.

Stay Awesome


Never seen zambombos before!
Serously though, jokes aside, mah only beef with the story is the dialoge. It's a little pet peeve I have so don't take it to heart. Could use a LITTLE improvement, but totally not mandatory. Other than that, story looks good so far and I'm excited to see more. Keep up the good work.

4169713 Yeah, I'll be the first to admit that dialogue isn't one of my strong suits. BUT practice will make it better, right?

4169125 I'd agree with you, but it's only a matter of time before it just happens, so a fair bit of warning ahead of time couldn't hurt.

wow... it was one of the best kiss scenes I EVER read. and trust me! :ajsmug:

Pretty good dough. Keep up the good work.

AH! Ship has left the harbor!!! But I don't mind at all....

I'm just glad you gave a pairing that I like. And the story is still great!

Stay Awesome


4172948 Really? One of the best you've seen? Gosh, that's somethin'! Thank you kindly :twilightsmile:

4174579 Heck yeah dude, AppleDash is the best pairing.

4177129 *cough cough* SoarinDash! *cough cough*.

Haha, Stay Awesome


"I had to do that hard cut at the end there. It keeps ya comin' back for more, ya know?"


plot twist: Celestia hides in the bushes watching

Plot twist: (sky) ceiling pinkie watches them all.

Holy sh*t, this is just like The Walking Dead.

I love it.

Well done!

[anticipation intensifies]

I'm glad this is only a "what if" and nothing more. Now we can see how a little mistake can do a lot of damage.

Why was I listening to 'EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!' While reading this?

And the end of AJ and RD takes place! So glad this happened...

...Oh wait, this is a 'what if'. Dang you, Dinkleberg!

4212221 That's exactly what I wanted to convey. Even something small can make everything infinitely worse.

"I quite like writing mushy, lovey-dovey nonsense"
Good, because you should do it more often :D It was really heartwarming :ajsmug: Nice chapter! I love these little interactions between AJ and Rainbow.

I see what you did there with Rainbow!

Damn RD, you only got yourself and AJ hurt. Hope they can find their way out of that mess.

I love this story, so consider it, and yourself, Followed. Can't wait for more!:ajsmug:

I especially want to see just how you (I mean, Rainbow!:facehoof:) get AJ and Dash get out of the mess that they're now in. (Hostiles, with ill intentions toward a couple of lone mares? I'm thinking so.:pinkiegasp:)

Just a bit of curiosity on my part with this next bit. I noticed that this has the "Anthro" tag (one of my faves) on it, so I was just wondering. I noticed that, in addition to them wearing clothes, they still have fur coats, and in Dash's case, wings, so what I was curious about is, are their features (faces) more equine (like they are on the show), or slightly more human-ish? Myself, when I envision Anthro ponies, I see things like this:


(The first four are by Earthsong9405, the fifth is by our own hahatimeforponies here (CaptainHoers over at DA), the 6th is by the ever-talented Atryl, the 7th one is by juliefofisss and the last one is by amostheartman.)

The feet and legs on that last Anthro Rainbow, I'm thinking, are more like what you describe in this fic. (Okay, I think that you only mentioned AJ's, but you get my drift.:raritywink:)

Anyway, am I way off base in guessing what your anthros look like in this, or pretty much on track?:applejackconfused::applejackunsure:

Just I said above, just curious.:raritywink:

4274903 You pretty much hit the nail on the head, actually! I absolutely love Earthsong's art, and the way she drew the anthro ponies (especially in the one picture you linked, "Doubt," which gave me the first bit of inspiration for this story) heavily influenced my headcanon for what they'd look like in this fic.

As for their feet and legs, I keep going back and forth from more human-looking legs to the more standard horse-looking ones. I can't decide which I like better.

4274976 I did?! Cool!:pinkiehappy:

Yeah, me, too. I'm a huge fan of hers, and I hope one day to be able to commission her to do a pic of my OC, Wolf, for me. (She doesn't accept commisshes for Anthro ones anymore though, sadly enough (don't know why), so I'm stuck getting one of her in her regular pony form.I'm also hoping to get in on the original art sale that she's having right now that includes some of the canon characters. Still, a four-legged Wolf done by her is better than none. Right?:raritywink:)

Oh, really? Cool. I think that that's for that one fic that she's planning called Infectious, where the girls (as well as Spike and the CMC) are anthros (duh! See th pic you metioned!)) having to survive in a zombie-plagued post-apocalyptic Equestria. I absolutely LOVE the art she's done for that!

Really? That's cool. That's my idea for how my anthro ponies will look, too. Although I'm nowhere near as good a Pony artist as she is.:twilightsheepish:

Well, whatever you finally settle on up to you, hun. Myself, I prefer the way they look in that one pic of Dash above, with the ungulate-grade type legs. It's a matter of preference, really.

One of these days, I gotta get the artwork for my MLP Anthro AU fic done and a choice few of them posted here. I will, too...one of these days.

Okay, I don't know what is going to happen next. And that's amazing.

Wow... NOW it's going to be interesting! I wasn't expecting him to show up, but I'm more than happy that he did :D I wonder where's Applejack. And what Discord will tell them.


I swear, Discord, if you hurt Applejack...


....then I really want to see it. You know, it's funny, because the more you love some character, the more you want to see them hurt. I'm not sure how it works XD Anyway, I'm really curious what happened to AJ. And your Discord is dark, really dark and I love it. There's something dangerous in him and I can almost feel Rainbow's fear.

That last scene was veeeery good and as always you left me with only one thought in my head: "GIVE ME MORE!" :pinkiehappy:

What about Fluttershy!:fluttercry:

I love this story soo much!!!!!! :rainbowkiss: I can't wait to see what happens to RD and I wonder where AJ is! the chapters are really short and I usually don't like short chapters but yours is so awesome it feels like a HUGE chapter.

4363508 I couldn't have said it better myself, its so weird though huh? :rainbowhuh: :rainbowlaugh:

Will you continue this story in the near future? :raritydespair: It's one of my favorites.

Urm can the next chapter be out now? I've read this story a load of times now and I really really really wanna know what's gonna happen next :raritydespair:

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