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During the snowy days leading up to Hearth’s Warming, Rainbow Dash receives pressing news that she must deliver. She wonders if she can be enough through the hard times.

Written as a gift for applezombi as part of Quill’s and Sofas Speedwriting’s holiday fic exchange! The prompt I received was “Rainbow Dash helps another pony handle grief and loss during the holidays. Romance is strongly encouraged but not required.”
Thanks to The Red Parade for helping me develop the idea, and my friend Mori (who does not have FimFic) for helping me preread before I uploaded it.

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Oy! Don't hog them all!

Fuck. Is 4am and i'm crying over a my little pony fanfic.

Been there! So sorry to do this to ya :P

I hate it :fluttercry:

Take the thumb up, happy Christmas eve!

Haha I get that a lot :P
Thanks for the thumbs up! Merry Christmas (Eve) to you as well!

This. This is just... Perfect. Thank you, Jay, thank you for the feelings. You really hit me in the heart with this one. And you know what really sucks? The fact that I rarely ever cry while reading stories. I really wish I could cry my emotions out.

Take my blessings on this fic, Jay. You deserve it. All of it.

Thank you.

Thank you Rays! I wish you could cry too smh would be so cool to make my friends sob.

*Takes your blessings and runs away*

Take this candy cane too!
*throws it after you*

*catches it and eats it perfectly in one bite*

(puts on critic hat)
Hmmm. Very well written, includes a ship I'm interested in, characterization is spot on, very realistic depiction of grief, great atmosphere of inevitable dread, just the right amount of bittersweet heartwarming. Dash's denial and fear mixing with her determination to be strong for Apple Bloom, Apple Bloom's sad yet determined attitude to be there for her brother, and ... Hmmm, and I think that... (checks chest) Yep, yep, I have, in fact, been punched in the feels. All in all, I'd say this was a rousing success as a Yuletide tragedy, and a definite must read for anyone who likes sad stories and/or AppleDash.

(takes off critic hat and replaces with John Wick costume)
OK, I'm back. Great fic, but dead wives are such turn off, and I can't help noticing the absence of the Apple family's dogs as well. So, how's about we discuss writing an optional canon happy ending, huh? And we're in luck, I have pencil!

Haha well thank you for the comment. Sorry to have punched you in the feels (but not really, i love doing this). You’re so right about Winona, and… well hah i man alternate happy endings are always good, i guess!

Right in the feels!

Well, now, this was uncalled for.

You can expect a strongly-worded letter to your editor.

This one hurts, Jay. I actually think it's hurting me more than your other stories. It's hard to tell cause of how numb I am to grief at this point, but the fact that I'm still second guessing my emotions as I'm typing this out? That's magic right there.

But no, really, I love everything about this. The landscape, the sisterly dynamic between Dash and AB, the little movements they make in between—everything captured here hits close to home for me. This is, as always, another masterfully written AppleDash tragedy.

Thank you for writing this.

Aw man I’m sorry to hear it hits close to home, but thank you for the kind words. Means a lot :)

Damn stories like this really do remind me that your username might as well be applejackofallsuffering because your trade is giving the poor girl a hard time.

New alt name just dropped. :ajsmug:

please I cant have *three* alts

If Applejack can have three apples on her butt you can have three alts.

that is actually a great point ahaha

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